Serena Williams Is NOT A Nerd. We’re Sorry!

Apparently someone sent over last week’s article, “Revenge of The Nerds: Golf and Tennis Are #1″ to Serena Williams, and it just pissed her off!  Serena’s anger built up so much, she finally blew her top  against a lines official after calling a foot fault.  Serena screamed, “I swear to God, I’m going to take this ball and shove it down your f*cking throat!”  We then noticed her mumble something like, “Can’t believe some stupid website called me a nerd” and went after the lines judge some more!

Serena, we just wanted to make a public announcement that the staff over here at Financial Samurai didn’t mean to call you a nerd specifically.  In fact, our point of the article was to highlight you are the #1 most popular female athlete in America, and provided inspiration for all us “nerds” growing up!  With your glistening guns, aggressive baseline attacks, and $30 million a year in earnings, we were impressed!  However, after last night’s outburst, and you not willing to apologize afterwards, we’re not your fans anymore.

Every minute you wait is literally dollars out the window, Serena.  In fact, we hear Puma executives are on a conference call right now discussing the fate of your endorsement contract.  What’s compounding the problem is that Kim Clijisters is one of the most beloved players on the circuit.  She just had a baby a year and a half ago for goodness sakes, and is now the US Open champion!  Way to go Kim!  Serena, hurry up and apologize to the world!

Financial Samurai’s,  besides Ohio State University blowing their 5 point lead to USC with several minutes to go in the 4th quarter, Serena’s outburst is topic du jour!  If you haven’t hit the public courts and found a tennis partner since “Revenge of The Nerds: Golf and Tennis Are #1″ was published, make sure you have an opinion on these two events come work time tomorrow.  Seek out your sports crazed senior colleagues and banter!


Financial Samurai“Slicing Through Money’s Mysteries”

Fortunes, Fortunes, Everywhere!

Back in 2002, the Oakland longshoremen went on strike because they were against new technology which could cut their jobs.  The issue was quite contentious, and it was a matter of “national security” the union get back to work according to many politicians.  What I remember most clearly, however, were salary figures that just boggled my mind.

According to widely spread documentation at the time, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) required their longshoremen to work no longer than 35 hours a week.  Furthermore, it was cited that the average income for an Oakland longshoreman was between $100,000-$120,000, with many senior employees earning $160,-190,000.  When I read the news, it was about 8pm and I had been in the office since 5:45am.  For that one day, I dreamt I was a longshoreman.


Revenge of The Nerds: Golf & Tennis Are #1!

According to Harris Interactive,  the most popular male athlete in America is Tiger Woods, and the most popular female athlete is Serena Williams.  This got me thinking…. hmmmm, America is absolutely obsessed with football, baseball, and basketball and yet golf and tennis are #1!  Since High School, the stereotype has always been that nerds played golf and tennis, and jocks played the other sports.  So, what’s up with this latest poll?

The Financial Samurai theory:

* Whoever controls the most amount of money is the most influential, and therefore, the most popular.   The reason why Tiger Woods makes $100 million a year is because he generates billions in incremental revenue.  Since nerds by definition get better grades,  they may go to better schools  and get better paying jobs.  Therefore, their chances of making more money increases.  More nerds play golf and tennis, and therefore spend more on those sports.

Love Your Colleagues Thirty Minutes A Week

Everyday, we are inundated with e-mails. I personally get over 300 a day, and other colleagues I’ve heard get 500.  Despite many of the e-mails being largely irrelevant, or impersonal given the blast distribution trend, it’s worth responding every once in a while with a “Thank You” and a recognition of what they’ve sent.

Most of the time all the emailer wants is for someone to respond and recognize their work.  How many times have you proceeded to review your e-mail AFTER you sent it, just so you can relish in what you’ve said?  Yesterday, I spent about 30 minutes consciously responding to about 12 e-mails which I normally wouldn’t have responded to, and it felt good.  Furthermore, I sent out another quick 22 e-mails of congratulation for those who got promoted to celebrate their success.  All replied, and were extremely appreciative.

You’re Not Going Clubbing! Interview Attire 101

Nice threadsOver at “Laid Off And Looking”, one of the bloggers posts about the “Perils of Interview Attire.” He received positive feedback about his skills, but a middle manager told him after his second round that he was concerned about his attire.  “Too inappropriate, and casual” John was told.  When he dressed up in a suit for the final round, the CEO then mentioned to “never wear a tie to an interview at a startup!” Safe to say, John didn’t get the job.  So what gives?

Honestly, it amazes me how clueless John is after 12 years in the work force.  If you are interviewing at a start up, there’s no business looking like a penguin in the tropics.  And if you are interviewing at a law firm, you better not think a polo shirt and khakis is appropriate.

The rules of dress attire are very simple: