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  • Investing
    A place to discuss stocks, bonds, ETFs, derivatives, P2P lending, CDs, and private equity ideas. Share your investment ideas and stress test them with the community. The goal is to make sure we're as thorough as possible and make money over the long run.
    28 discussions 244 commentsMost recent: Marijuana Stocks by YakezieJanuary 11
  • Real Estate
    A place to discuss the real estate market, real estate investment strategies, landlord issues, multi-unit investments, remodeling, maintenance, insurance, mortgage rates, refinancing, and tax optimization.
    1 discussion 32 commentsMost recent: How Is Real Estate Doing In Your Neck O… by FinancialSamuraiJune 2013
  • Career / Entrepreneurship
    Most of us count our paychecks as the most important source of income. As a result, we must do our best to maximize our careers through as many promotions and pay raises as possible. We can discuss everything from going back to school to get an MBA, to relationship building strategies with senior management, to how to successfully engineer your layoff to do something else. Entrepreneurship will also be a key focus.
    4 discussions 34 comments
  • Retirement / Wealth Management
    A forum for all those who are seeking retirement or who are already retired. Topics can include: Activities, adventures, blending in with the working community, estate planning, wealth management, supporting our family and offspring and more.
    9 discussions 81 comments
  • General
    A place to talk about anything which doesn't fit in the other categories. Introductions to the community, lifestyle, sports, hobbies, meetup activities, etc.
    3 discussions 24 commentsMost recent: Initial Forum Improvements by sendaibenAugust 2013

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