Trading and Investing for a Living
  • I'd like to connect with people who, like myself, regard themselves as professional traders for their own account, people who trade for a living. Sub-topics might include platforms, trading strategies, trading plans, money management, and trading techniques. Other discussion groups are probably going to address specific stocks, investments or asset classes, so that's NOT what I have in mind for this thread. My intended focus is the business and psychology of trading for a living.

    If you trade for a living and crave some additional fellowship and support, please chime in with the questions and topics you'd most like to discuss. (Rather than having a separate thread for each sub-topic, we might get more traction and wider readership if we start off with a single unified thread and build it out from there.) What do YOU think?
  • @Hollisan - How long have you been a professional full time trader?

    I've found the process to be very difficult to sustain for a long period of time because it's a zero sum game. I am an active investor but don't have the ability to make it a FT job.

    I enjoy contrarian investing though, although initial positions are generally almost always loss making.


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