Sports Betting as an Investment
  • For the past 3 years I have been conducting an experiment. I took $100,000 and invested half in an index fund and the other half into Sports betting using a mathematical model and also paying so called tipsters.

    The results have been pretty impressive. Currently at a 300% return from betting compared to a 30% Return on the index fund. I believe I have made a heap of errors in my sports betting portfolio and over the years have been making it better and better.

    I realise this is not a valid way to invest for american investors, but I am Australian and the profits on gambling are tax free if it is not your main source of income. In the UK it is tax free even if it is your only source of income.

    I treat my betting portfolio as seriously as my own managed fund.

    Would be happy to answer any questions you guys have.

    My blog is at (if you don't want this posted feel free to delete it)

    I just thought it would be interesting for people to see some alternative ways that people are investing their money.


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