• What is your general opinion on Tesla? Do you think they have a real chance of still being around in 10 years? They appear to have a great product and currently the customers are the ones who are super enthusiastic about buying them at a huge premium over what you can buy and operate a gasoline powered car for. There is zero business case a person can make for buying the product based on gasoline savings vs. an efficient gasoline/diesel powered car that gets 50+MPG, and I fear that as fast as technology is advancing in this area that there is going to be the next greatest thing that makes their technology obsolete sort of like the original iPod (really who still has one other than me!). I love the car and the features, I just wonder if there is more hype than sustainable business...a market cap of $17B seems a little out of wack to me.
  • I'm kicking myself for not buying at $45 before their huge results. 3 fires in a row makes the stock scary at current valuations. Feels like it has to execute PERFECTLY to justify its valuation.

    Frankly, all the growth stocks feel whacky now. The only stock I'm long at the moment is $SINA, which has a Twitter-like business in Weibo which is being monetized. Good Q313 results.
  • The world of car manufacturing just seems so risky to me to have such huge valuations. The Mercedes/BMW/Audi/Toyota/Ford/GM's of the world have so many resources to throw at creating an even better mouse trap it should be scary! Any technical advantage will be relatively short lived and it will be about creating the brand that separates itself through styling and customer loyalty. I hope they succeed because I think it would be great, I just hope they don't try to act too big & can stay ahead of the technology curve.

    I think cause I live in a world of company valuations in the 3.5-5.5, it is impossible for me to get my arms around valuations that essentially infinity. I mean really, I understand some of this can be monetize, but how the heck is twitter worth $20 billion? Just seems out of wack...

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