What Are Some Of The Things You Wish To Do In Retirement?
  • Dear FS Community,

    Despite being officially retired from Corporate America since the Spring of 2012, I haven't found my life to be much different. Here are the positives and negatives of early retirement: http://www.financialsamurai.com/2013/03/19/what-does-early-retirement-feel-like-the-positives-and-negatives/

    You would think that once you don't have to work every day you'd be jumping for joy every day. The fact of the matter is that I've quickly gotten used to not having to work, just like one quickly gets over a raise or a loss. It seems that no matter our situation, we revert to our normal steady state level of happiness.

    I'm curious to know if you are contemplating retirement whether you have a plan in retirement. If you are already retired, what are the things you are doing to provide more excitement in your life? Part of the reason why I started this forum was so that fellow retirees can share their ideas and have a place to hangout.


  • Best thing - being able to spend a lot of time with the kid!
    Worse thing - too much time with the kid... We're signing him up for 3 days 9am-1pm preschool in September so I can have a little time to myself.

    Future plans
    - 1 year around the world trip
    - live in Thailand for a few years
    - live in Italy for 6 months.
    - Start a small business
    - build a family compound where families can come stay if they'd like. Preferably in Hawaii, but may have to settle for a cheaper tropical location.
  • Joe - I like that live in Italy for 6 months idea! I'll come visit :)

    That's cool you are Thai, so living in Thailand would be totally easy for you. To make US money and move to a much cheaper foreign country is such a great move for those who enjoy living overseas.

    I'm planning for Hawaii within the next 24 months myself. We shall see!
  • Retirement is about 5 years away (hopefully not more than that). I really don't have a plan for it, as all of my energy is used up just trying to get there. And, in my case, the planning process is detrimental because it just brings me down.

    The stock answers of "travel", "visit people", etc. all may apply but I can't see me doing hard-core different-city-every-day travel. Dragging myself from town to town seems more like an endurance challenge than enjoyment. I'd more likely want to live in a city for a month to really get a feel for it. I've done this during my career several times and really enjoyed it.

    As for visiting people, the problem with this is that, because most people that I know work full-time, I think my welcome would quickly wear thin and I'd feel like I was intruding.

    One thing I know I would like to continue is my real-estate scouting missions to different cities. I've started to do this last year and would want to do more.

    But, at this point, my retirement will be figuring out what to do in retirement. Maybe I'll become an early-retirement planner - Ha!
  • Jason - Definitely one of my more frustrating things being in retirement is the fact that folks have to work! So many of my fellow tennis colleagues want to hit at 6:30pm and I just don't want to do it since I'm done by 12noon, 1pm the latest (when the markets close). The sun shines brighter at 2pm and there are no crowds.

    5 years is not that far away!
  • I can definitely see that being a problem - I mean, who do you hang out with, right? You could hang out with "real" retirees (as in, the over-65 crowd), but I think that would be weird.

    Yes, it's actually even less than 5 years now...

  • I am about two years from retirement. I am going to run a half marathon in every state. I have done 4 states already so there are 46 left to go( or 53 left according to the President).
  • @Bill_S Incredible! Are you not afraid your knees might fall off? Medicare does pay for $50,000 knee replacements though!
  • Travel a lot. Exercise more. Write? Spend more time with family. The usual?

    I'm 35, hoping to be semi-retired in ten years time.
  • Well, I had children relatively young (24, I'm 28 now) so I'll have an empty nest at 41 and hopefully by then not only will I have an empty nest, but I will also be also be retiring (orat least semi-retired) and will be totally be free to do what we want!!! So it would be parrrrrrrrrrrtay time for me and my husband! Just kidding! LOL.

    I would definitely travel of course, seeing the world as an adult certainly would be different from what it was like when I was a kid and when I had wanderlust in my early 20's. This time around it wouldn't be so rushed, at least! And we would finally have time to pursue things that we are passionate about and are not income generating.

    First trip would be Switzerland for 6 months! We would ski all Winter, we'd hike in the Spring, we'd visit CERN, and in the Summer we would attend all of the festivals including the Monrreaux Jazz festival, Art Basel, and Festival del film Locarno, and Lucerne Festival. And the side trips...don't even get me started! I never had a chance to visit Vienna or Croatia, and those are two places I certainly wouldn't miss this time around.

    I also thought about going back to school after retirement. I was an English major and very much "into" Critical Theory. After studying abroad at Cambridge University, I wanted to go back there for my MA and PhD. Ultimately, after getting my BA I had a choice, Academe or Finance. I chose the higher income career instead. I am happy that I made the choice because it allows me to provide for my family comfortably and will secure them a better future than I might have off of a professor's salary, but it has always been in the back of my mind that I would revisit Cambridge as a student again one day...maybe after I retire...
  • I'm looking forward to having more flexibility for traveling once I'm retired and being able to make my own schedule. I can't see myself doing no work at all as I like to keep busy, but I'd be doing some type of work that I truly enjoy which wouldn't feel like working.

    I'd also love to be able to read for fun much more often and learn more things once I'm retired. I don't think I'll ever get bored of learning, especially if I can control the pace and subjects that I study. With my current hectic schedule I gave up reading for fun so I'd love to be able to have all the time in the world to relax and dive into some great books.
  • Retirement... I plan to travel, visit with family, volunteer and try again to grow a garden in the Florida heat. Since I am planning to retire sooner rather than later (I am 55 now), I have begun some of these... I volunteer with AARP as a tax advisor during tax season and I just found out about an organization called Volunteers in Medicine that I am checking out. I started my first garden this summer, the sun keeps burning up my tomatoes, and I still have some PTO but I think I will have to use it to get my knee repaired. I gotta remember I am not 25 anymore and things have a way of wearing down. I keep saying I want to quit working, but I just don't want to stop the income. One day I will give notice....

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