Any Travel Plans For The Summer Or Rest Of The Year?
  • Howdy Fellow Travelers,

    Anybody ever been to Madrid and/or Mallorca in the summer? I'm planning a trip and wondering if you have any tips for those two places.

    What summer travel plans do you have? I'm a big travel fan who has taken an international trip every year for the past 20+ years now I believe. I'd love to hear about some great destinations you've been to and where you plan on going. It would be great to share our experiences to make better travel experiences in the future!


  • I've only been to the airport in Madrid. I've heard it's a great place to visit though. I really wanted to go to Cambodia this Fall until I found out the dates I could take off work are during the super rainy season. So I'm back to square one for now.
  • We're heading off to CA for the next 2 weeks. SB first, then Bay Area. Hope to see you guys there.

    Madrid was OK. It was just another big city for me. I like the side trip to Toledo.
    I like Sevilla and Granada best when I was visiting.
  • I have not been to Madrid or Mallorca but I've been to Barcelona and LOVED it!!!! I have heard many great things about Mallorca! Ever since Barcelona I had always wanted to go back and travel all of Spain for a full month. Having studied abroad and backpacked through Europe, I would skip the main big cities entirely if I were to do it again, so I would skip Madrid. In the big cities all there is to see is museums, restaurants, and nightlife, and, erm, ALL big cities have those. I would so love to go back to Spain one day!
  • Churros and chocolate dipping............ I can't wait.

    I will lower my expectations Joe. Madrid is my pitstop before Mallorca.

    There is this cool site called MadridFoodTour or something that I plan to sign up for.

    See you in SF!
  • We visited NYC a few weeks ago. The only other travel plans we have this summer are a week in Lake Powell (Page, AZ). That place is a summer must if you are a wakeboarder like me!
  • Just got back from Vegas, and a 4-day handgun training class. Which was interesting, and would have been more so without the temperatures -- 104, 106 and the grand prize-winner: 108 degrees.
    Headed to (in order) Indiana in August (work); Ireland the end of August (mostly play, but 1 class to teach -- we have cousins in Galway); Georgia in September (work); Michigan and North Dakota in October (both work); and finally Wyoming in November (ditto).
  • @CindyBrick wow I can't imagine what Vegas is like in August if it's 108 now! Your trip to Ireland sounds awesome. I'd love to go someday and spend a week in the countryside.
  • Madrid is HOT in the summer. Like, over 40 degrees hot. The good thing is that it is relatively dry heat, but most locals try to leave the city :)
  • @Sendaiben, dang... can't take 40 C! It's only 16-18 C here in SF. At least i'll be able to pack light!
  • I'm currently in the first month of a 6 month trip.
    2 months in Milan, 1 month in London
    1 month in NYC and 2 months travelling around America.

    Never been to Madrid, but love Barcelona.
  • @stevemor That sounds like fun - do you work for yourself and already have the income that allows you to do that?
  • My g/f and I try to take a trip to a different city every year. This year we were supposed to go to SF, but it looks like that's going to fall through for various reasons. So our backup plan is to hit up Chicago this year and push San Fran off till next.

    @financialsamurai My g/f has been to Spain a few times. She raves about Barcelona and Valencia. Says she enjoyed them far more than Madrid.
  • @Jay I loved Barcelona. Was there a couple years ago before a two week Mediterranean cruise. I've totally become lazy and spoiled with travel after these cruises.

    Maybe Madrid will be just another big, hot city indeed.
  • Headed to riding from a villa in Chianti region, then headed to Portafino to take in the Italian Riviera. Any must stops/eats to take in?
  • I too loved Barcelona and I also did the Mediterranean cruise... last summer. We decide this summer to see some of the west. We did Vegas, Reno/Lake Tahoe. Went to Red Canyon, Valley of Fire, Hoover Dam and a few other parks. It was a great time. I only wish I had planned more time out there. So we will have to go back to pick up some of the parks we missed this time.

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