Initial Forum Improvements
  • Hello FSF Community,

    Over the next couple weeks I'll be looking at different types of plug-ins to enhance the FSF user experience. One obvious one is to allow threaded comments. I just need to install and test it during light traffic hours so as to not crash the entire forum.

    I will also probably play around with the colors. Let me know if you think the colors are too dark here and you want to lighten things up, or whether it doesn't really matter.

    Finally, any other type of features you've seen in other forums or what not, please let me know so we can look into it. I'm a big proponent of the simpler the better btw. Content is the most important thing.

    Here is a quick tutorial of how to use the Vanilla Forums:

    Also, if you want to ever notify someone you are responding to them in a comment, type @USERNAME in the message.


  • More in-depth profiles would be nice (similar to what the Yakezie forums have). If I like someone's advice in the investing forum I want to be able to see if they have a blog to check out. :)
  • Reply to @ayoungpro: Good thinking
  • Tip for those of you who don't want to watch the whole video - click the Star icons on posts to bookmark them. Then the next time you click on Discussions, you'll have a new button that says "My bookmarks." If you want to turn off a bookmark, just unclick the star.

    The @Username feature is cool too. When someone mentions you, the next time you click on your account, you'll see an alert on your Notifications button.
  • Sam, can you add a field for folks to list the city,country they live so we have some perspective as to why they are thinking in a particular manner. We are all shaped by local economic conditions to a large extent
  • I find the forum keeps logging me out at times.

    Also there seems to be a spam problem :)
  • Can't seem to stay logged in when using Chrome (Firefox is fine).
  • Same here, Chrome kicks me out, Firefox is fine.
  • How do we navigate back to the main page from the forum?
  • Quite a few spam posts showing up in the last week or so.

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