The Best Super Bowl Commercials for 2010

First of all, congratulations to the Saints for winning the Super Bowl!  The odds makers were so off favoring the Colts by 6, and setting a ridiculous 57 over/under total point line.  Someone out there made a nice chunk of change.  Was it you?

For some reason, there is a thumbs down movement regarding this year’s commercials.  I don’t think people were paying close enough attention.  If they were, they’d be raving!  The underlying theme of my top five picks revolves around love, be it loving something, or falling in love.  You’ll see what I mean.  Enjoy!


#5: “Hands Off My Momma!”

Starting off at #5, Doritos presents a hilariously cute outtake of one kid’s love for his momma and his Doritos! I hope my son protects his momma as nobly when I’m dead and gone.

#4: “Snack Attack Samurai”

As a Financial Samurai, how can I not include this commercial in my top 5? Another humorous rendition of how far some people go to protect the things they love.  This commercial is just plain silly, which is why it’s so much fun.

#3: “A Jumbo Casket Full Of Doritos”

What’s great about this commercial is that his friends are all in on the prank. Sorry ladies, sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do for the thing he desires most, even if it means faking his own death! As one of the biggest pranksters myself, this ranks right up there as an instant classic.

#2: “Parisian Love”

Probably the most spine-tingling commercial of the series. Google tries to humanize their brand and make the consumer realize they aren’t all a bunch of really rich, market dominating giants who raise the cost of living for all of us in the Bay Area! The story is touching, reminding us that life’s journey is precious.  In terms of effectiveness, I don’t know.  Who doesn’t already use Google?  Perhaps it’s all about changing perception, which is what the commercial succeeds in doing for at least 30 seconds.

#1: “Violin Playing Beaver” (A TSF Holding)

Dum, dum, dum, duuuum! The violin playing beaver from is my #1 Super Bowl commercial for 2010! With its combination of humor, aspiration, and love, this commercial deftly captures the essence of the human spirit through of all things, a beaver. How can you not laugh when Mr. Beaver thumps his tail in rhythm during his audition? Beaver society tells him to go build dams, but Mr. Beaver pursues his own damn dreams instead!

Readers, what were your favorite Super Bowl commercials?  How would you rank the above five?  Please feel free to link below your favorite commercials and debate!


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  1. says

    Sam, that’s great that you’ve posted the ads — here in the UK they obviously couldn’t show US ads on the BBC, so we kept cutting back to some very unpumped UK sports commentators who seemed a bit bewildered.

    I will buy some nachos for lunch and re-live the US dream later! :)

  2. says

    This year, I didn’t pay much attention to the Super Bowl. The two teams just didn’t spark my interest. I’m glad that the Saint’s won, since it was their first Super Bowl. And a note to your commentor, Matt, who loves the Steelers; I have two full-sized signed helmets from James Harrison from last year’s Super Bowl Game (and they’re for sale!). Now that game was amazing!
    .-= Little House´s last blog ..What Makes a City Great? =-.

  3. says

    Do the English like watching football? I guess that makes sense the ads don’t make it over there! Do you guys have a commercial tradition during soccer/futbol championships and stuff? Yes, need to get MWW moving!

    Goose bumps is right! YEs, the Google commercial was excellent. But, I’m in Google central here in SF, and they can’t win everything right?

    @Money Funk
    The dog doritos commercial was OK, but the beaver commercial had humor, aspiration, emotion and told a story.

  4. says

    One of the issues I have with Super Bowl commercials, or any commercials for that matter, is that if they’re really REALLY good, I’ll remember the commercial itself, but not necessarily the product it was hawking.

    From an artistic standpoint, that’s a good commercial, but of course that isn’t at all what the sponsors are going for.

    Let’s face it, we don’t watch TV to be sold something, we watch to be entertained, and some commercials are maybe a bit too good at that.
    .-= Kevin@OutOfYourRut´s last blog ..Blue Collar Jobs Can’t be Moved Offshore =-.

  5. says

    Never saw the Tebow commercial. Will have to check it out, unless u want to provide a link cuz I’m lazy.

    The unsung heroes of these commercials are the marketing companies i.e. Goodby Silverstein & Partners here in SF who created a lot of the Doritos and Hyundai commercials. It’s all about relating a feeling, or changing a perception as related with the product.

    @Bucksome Oh yeah.. the Betty White one… that was not bad. Doesn’t make my Top 5 though. :)
    .-= admin´s last blog ..Someone Always Farts In A Crowd =-.

  6. DB says

    Brett Favre winning the 2020 NFL MVP at the age of 50…with the holographic trophy, commenting on being older than most of the fans, most of the coaches, all of the players…should probably retire…well…maybe…

    I like that he could joke about his yo-yo “I’m retired – now I’m not retired” act over the past few years. And who knows…?

  7. DB says

    Oh – and the “Green Police” just kinda freaked me out. A bit too eerily possible in a near future kind-of-way for my liking. I’m to the point where if a company espouses itself as “green” to try to win my business, my business goes elsewhere. The whole green movement is making me think Mr. Yuck!

  8. says

    Hands Off My Mama and the Google commercial were my two favorites. Hope you don’t mind but I piggybacked off your article and did a worst of post – I got up early Sunday morning and watched all the commercials on Hulu with every intention of doing a best of/worst of post but never got to it. I just hope all the traffic I send your way doesn’t overload your servers.

    The beaver commercial was funny and got its message across, but I didn’t like the Dorito’s commercials too much. Or any of the Budweiser commercials for that matter.
    .-= David @ MBA briefs´s last blog ..The 5 worst Superbowl ads of 2010 =-.

  9. says

    I liked Brett’s commercial, but I thought it was already way too played out, since they had another commercial with him deciding or not to buy a TV for the past year. “Green” is also played out, so definitely not in my top 5!

    Oh yeah! The Orca! Loved that commercial too! Hmmm, tied for 5th! :) Thanks for the reminder.

    @David @ MBA briefs
    You didn’t like any of the Dorito’s commercials’??? Weird! Just goes to show you how varied people’s tastes are. That’s why choice is good! Will check your post out.
    .-= admin´s last blog ..How To Get Your Super Motivated Boyfriend to Marry You =-.

  10. Kosmo @ The Casual Observer says

    One thing to note is that the intent of the point spread is not necessarily to be accurate, but to encourage a roughly even split in the betting, to protect the sports book from taking a bath. The bookie makes money from the vig.
    .-= Kosmo @ The Casual Observer´s last blog ..The Best Comics Ever =-.

  11. says

    @admin I guess I’m grading the commercials like a marketing professor would, and the Doritos ads score points for being funny but don’t necessarily make me want to run out and buy a bag of chips. The beaver commercial scored points with me because it was funny and got the message across that can help anyone find a great job, even a furry woodland creature. I expect the Super Bowl commercials to be a showcase of the best commercials of the year so my expectations are a little bit higher than they normally would be.
    .-= David @ MBA briefs´s last blog ..The 5 worst Super Bowl ads of 2010 =-.

  12. The Rat says

    Nice thread; It’s great to see the commercials again! One thing’s for sure – a boatload of cash went in to paying for some of these commercials and having to pay for the air time. I think its good to see the Saints win it all, especially with everything the people of New Orleans have been through over the years. Its nice to see the team bring it home for the fans.

  13. says

    @J. Money @Credit Card Chaser @Mike Piper

    Can’t give Google too much love though, as they dominate everything and I’m right here in Google hive central!

    @David @ MBA briefs
    Indeed, hence why Monster and Google are my top two. I associate Doritos now with FUN, and more FUN! I will buy Doritos if there are 3 different options staring me in the face. I loved marketing during b-school!

    @Ryan @ Planting Dollars
    Oh yeah? Pls send profile pic if you want. I didn’t realize these guys were hot. Just highlighting Brad as someone who is helping rebuild the 9th District in New Orleans. Go Brad! Besides, Christine from Money Funk said she had a dream of Brad in one of her posts, so why not.

    @Kosmo @ The Casual Observer
    You’re exactly right. A lot of delusional people out there! I have a post coming up on this subject, but gotta keep it under wraps. Maybe for 4 months like this current post! lol.

  14. says

    Money Funk :That was your number 1??? My favorite is the Doritos commercial where the dog puts the bark collar on the guy at park. Now that was hilarious! Money Funk´s last blog ..Find the Best Online Savings Accounts

    That was definitely a good one; we (myself and my fiancee) had a good laugh about that one. I do think the beaver one was better, though. Beavers are adorable. The Google ad was also pretty good; the last bit had my fiancee and I awwwing at the screen.
    .-= Roger´s last blog ..Wacky Wednesday: Time Travel Investing =-.

  15. says

    @Len Penzo
    So weird Len, cuz I re-watched the Snickers Betty White commercial again, and it just ain’t that funny! Maybe it’s cuz you just turned 46, and Betty and Abe are even more economic for folks in their 40’s? Happy b-day!

    Indeed. Hands off my momma! lol

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