The Katana: Revisiting Our New Year’s Resolutions

The last month of the first quarter is upon us.  Now is as good a time as any to revisit our new year’s resolutions to make sure we’re on track.  I’m on pace to achieve 4 out of 8 so far: 1) meet 36 new people, 2) see the good in others, 3) stay consistent, but not obsessive over this site, and 4) save 50% of my gross income.  Regarding the other four goals, I’m not on pace to make a million bucks, haven’t won any tennis tournaments, nor have I been regularly practicing my acoustic guitar or cooking skills.  Better get cracking!

With 10 months left in the year, it’s time to really ramp up the creative juices and think up some back-end business to help create additional income.  Tennis season is starting up and I plan on doing everything possible to give myself at least a physical edge over the competition.  Finally, from now on at least one hour every weekend will be dedicated to guitar and cooking.

In terms of predictions for 2010 it’s still too early to tell, but 4 of 5 have held up so far: 1) inflation and interest rates remain low with the 10-yr yield still below 4%, 2) the USD dollar has strengthened, 3) the markets have not double dipped, and 4) The Samurai Fund is outperforming the S&P 500 by 2.64% as of Feb 28.  Regarding #5, it’s just a matter of time before Facebook goes public and Twitter gets bought out don’t you think?  We’ll revisit the predictions mid year and see if they still hold true!

Readers, how are you guys doing with your new year’s resolutions?  If you wrote any prediction for 2010, I’d love to see them so feel free to post your links below.


* “Be A Sloth And Don’t ROTH – Why Converting to A ROTH Is A Mistake

* “How To Get Your Super Motivated Boyfriend (SMB) To Marry You

* “Do “C” Students Deserve “A” Lifestyles?”

* “Someone Always Farts In A Crowd – The Moral Hazard Of The World

* “Let Freement Reign! Spending Paralysis, Material Lust and Obsession

* “Where Americans Pay The Most To Live And Why


* “How To Increase Your Salary Without Changing Your Job” by top commentator Monevator who forgot to allow comments on his post when it was first published.  Nice.

* “Why My Kids Shouldn’t Expect An Inheritance From Me” writes Len.  Poor kids.

* “Podcast 45: Gary Belsky, Behavioral Economics” is a fun interview from Tom and Flexo on one of my absolute favorite subjects.  Also, if anybody would like to guest post on Consumerism Commentary let Flexo or I know.

* “Maximizing Value.  The Opposite Of Earn More Spend Less” is an insightful post from Fin Engr.  You’ve really done well with the launch of your site!

* “The Best Time To Have Kids” from Don shares his thoughts on a topic I plan to write more about in the near future!


* “Yakezie Member Badges” courtesy of Greg-san, CJ-san, and David-san.  Thanks guys for creating the badge for the 50 strong Yakezies to display on their sites!

* “Yakezie Challenge Carnival #1” hosted by Jeff from Deliver Away Debt.  The weekly carnival is literally booked up for the next 16 sessions!  I ask all challengers tweet and link back to each carnival.

A funny thing has happened.  The Google Docs page limits the number of entries on Daniel-San’s list to 50.  On the one hand, we’d like to keep the list manageable so we can create a tighter bond.  On the other hand, we’d like to let the initiative spread the world over!

One suggestion is to create different groups and leaders to manage teams of 50.  Another suggestion is to replace group members who are inactive after a while to ensure a collaborative, meritocratic environment.  You are welcome to join the challenge even if we can’t put you on the list immediately.

We’ve got a Yakezie Google Group formed where dialogue has been ROBUST to say the least, a carnival, a badge, and a host of members visiting other sites and learning from each other.  It has been enormously fun so far!  The collaboration has far surpassed my expectations, and for that I’m so proud of the group.


After reading everybody’s insightful comments on “The Curse Of Making Too Much Money And Not Pursuing Your Dreams“, I’d like to focus a little bit more on Career & Employment for the next couple months.  It seems as if there are way too many of us who feel like the living dead.  Let’s change!


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  1. Boris says

    Congratulations, you are doing excellent regarding your resolutions!
    I think that making resolutions one per year makes that process very rigid. I prefer to make resolutions whenever I want.
    I love your resolution of making one million dollars. Even if you don’t reach it, it gives a focus all the time.
    All the best,
    .-= Boris´s last blog ..Your mission, should you decide to accept it… =-.

  2. says

    Thanks for the awesome update (and the mention in your lineup!).

    This update is just what I needed to get re-energized towards my own goals!

    Say, I was just thinking… In some ways you’ve created a blogger snowball with the creation of the Yakezie Group :)

    Congratulations to a great start for the year!

  3. says

    As for resolutions – For a “lean”LifeCoach, I am a slacker too. Down only 6 pounds since Jan 1. Luckily in my case I am not coaching weight loss so it is not quite as embarrassing as it could be. I need to pick it up to hit my goal but it is so hard to say no to a great steak when someone else is always paying for it!

    Thanks for the highlight and the continued inspiration. The Yakezie has accomplished some amazing things already! It will be wonderful to see it continue.
    .-= LeanLifeCoach´s last blog ..Lean – Life – Learn =-.

    • says

      Greg-san, you are one of the most dedicated Yakezie member, and for that, I’m very grateful! The group thanks for all your hard work! Also, you won a copy of The Snark Handbook, in case you missed it in the post. Cheers

  4. says

    The sad thing about my resolutions is a I forgot what they were! Good thing I had blogged about them and could go back and revisit them. ;) Since my resolutions were things like pay down debt, save for a down payment, etc. these are ongoing. I don’t think I’ve made a huge dent in anything yet. Thank goodness it’s still early in the year!
    .-= Little House´s last blog ..The Young and The Homeless =-.

    • says

      Ha! Well this was kinda the purpose of this post… to revisit what we said we’d do just a couple months ago. I couldn’t remember 2 out of 8 of them myself.. and that’s b/c I haven’t been working on them!

  5. says

    Thanks for the link. You should put the Yakezie down as your best idea of the year. At least that’s my opinion. Thanks for starting the group it’s been awesome as I’m sure it will continue to be.
    .-= Evolution Of Wealth´s last blog ..7 Disability Insurance Add-on Features =-.

    • says

      Without the great colloboration from everyone, the Yakezie initiative wouldn’t be as good.

      We’ve got folks with design skills, folks who know how to code, others who have massive Twitter followers like yourself… it’s freaking awesome! There’s no way we will fail with the entire Yakezie behind us!

      • says

        Hey Sam, great job on your goals and I love what you’ve done with your Yakezie club – awesome to have a group of people like that and I can tell you are a great leader just from the short amount of time I’ve known you.

        If you want, I’d be happy to send one of your Yakezie members who knows PHP, or do it myself if none of them know, how I calculate Alexa rankings in real time and display them. But no biggie either way.

        Keep up the good work!

        • says

          Hi Jeremy, actually I think we could use your help. Daniel-San’s Google Docs caps out at 50, but we have demand for over 50 PF bloggers to join the group. Ideally, we’d like the list to be at least 100, or unlimited b/c we ultimately want to have the go to ranking list in the world. You think you can help? Rgds, Sam

        • says

          I believe I can Sam, at the very least, I know how to get the current Alexa rank for a website and using it for display in real time. The only thing that might be tricky is the 1 week aggregate data stuff – that might take me a little while to get setup – but I can get you started with an XML file that you can manage your websites in, and PHP code which will read from it and spit out HTML in a table that you can then format to your liking – oh and there is some Javascript that orders the table for the highest Alexa ranking on top – and the columns can be clicked to reorder however is desired. I’ll send you something in the next couple days.

  6. says

    One of my resolutions was to start a blog this year, which I have done. However, I never set any goals as to how often I was going to blog. As such, there currently isn’t too much content there.

    However, another goal I had was to not watch ANY tv at all when I’m by myself (to relax, unwind, etc.). During those times I’m supposed to do more productive things, such as read, work on my blog, etc. I can say that thus far I’ve been good with this one.

    Sam, congrats on staying on top of your resolutions! With all of your goals, and holding down a job, how do you find time to blog consistently?
    .-= Darren´s last blog ..The Easiest Way To Beat Inflation =-.

    • says

      Darren, it is great that you started your blog. I enjoyed your salary negotian tips article. It was spot on. Starting a blog was a 5 year thing for me, so I’m impressed you did it so soon!

      As for your last question, running a site, learning, and meeting new people is just FUN! It’s so fun I automatically get up btwn 5am-6am everyday just to see what’s going on. No alarm clocks, nothing. It’s been so fun that I found a 1,200 word post I wrote 3 months ago, which I forgot forgot about given there’s about 30 posts in the queque.

      • says

        Thanks for commenting Sam! As a new blogger, it can feel like the voice isn’t being heard when you don’t see comments. I appreciate it!

        Hmm… learning and reading about blogging is fun for me too. But for me, reading about blogging versus actually working on the blog and putting up posts is more challenging. There’s so many options out there, that I guess it can be overwhelming. Gotta work on overcoming paralysis by analysis…
        .-= Darren´s last blog ..The Easiest Way To Beat Inflation =-.

        • says

          I completely understand where you’re coming form. If I were you, I wouldn’t write too often to begin with.. maybe 2-3X a week max. I’d spend the majority of your time visiting other sites, commenting, contributing, and getting to know others.

  7. says

    Thanks for the link, and yes I’m a muppet with the comments! (One of my lovely readers wrote an email to let me know! Hurrah! I was moping and feeling unloved before).

    Re: The Yakezie, I’ve had one setback in my secret initiative but am pursuing Plan B! All will hopefully be revealed soon.
    .-= Monevator´s last blog ..Cash is king, or cash is trash? =-.

  8. The Rat says

    That’s a pretty good saving target (50%) and would be commendable if you achieve that on a consistent basis. It’s positive to see the U.S. dollar strengthen (although the Cdn dollar’s strength is offering some pretty good U.S. equity buying opportunities) and as you mention, no sign of the double-dip.

    My main goal during New Year’s was to get back into the athletic shape I’m used to, so I’ve been focusing on weights and cardio. So far so good!

    Nice post!
    .-= The Rat´s last blog ..BIN Revisited: From Tantrum to Tantalization =-.

    • says

      I’m just amazed by the strength of the Canadian housing market! What is it so strong??

      Athletic shape is on topic for tomorrow’s discuss given my goal of winning a tennis tourney. Stay tuned!

      • The Rat says

        Yeah, the Canadian market has remained strong; largely in part I think
        because of the more stringent lending requirements. There are also new
        regulations coming out this spring for non-owner occupied properties requiring
        a minimum of 20% down payment for a purchase!
        .-= The Rat´s last blog ..100th Post From The Rat =-.

  9. says


    Thank you, you are too kind! I’m not the only one working for the good of the group. Forest is working on some fabulous code. Jacob is always an inspiration of efficiency. Daniel is keeping it all together and we’ve already has some marvelous carnivals. With 50+ blogs to go through I know that is some serious work! This isn’t about I, it is about we.

    You are right, I totally missed the snark book. I guess I was too buried in the group at the moment. I am finally coming up for air so I will get over and check it out!
    .-= LeanLifeCoach´s last blog ..Are You Earning A Living or Living An Earning? =-.

    • says

      I hear you. Shoot me your mailing address over e-mail, and I’ll have the publisher send you a copy. Jeremy Johnson is the other winner if you happen to bump into him!

  10. says

    Haha Sam,

    I love your commentary, man. “Poor kids..”

    Tennis, guitar, cooking and blogging. It sounds like you live a busy life!
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..Life Style Inflation: Why Your Savings Is Not Growing as Fast as Your Income =-.

  11. Charlie says

    Nice. I’m trying to get back on my resolutions list too. I donated a lot of things to charity over the weekend which felt good. I try to collect things for donations year round until I get several bags I can take over at once. Anytime I come across something I don’t need or haven’t used in a while I drop it in one of my donation bags. It always feels good to make extra shelf space and know I’m also helping someone in need.

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