The Katana: Rough Waters On The Horizon

Friday’s post entitled, “The People Asked To Get ROCKED And A Boulder Fell On Their Heads” wasn’t supposed to go up.  I’m trying to limit the amount of big government love related posts, but “every time I try and get out, they pull me back in”!  Let the record show that I’m not against Democrats, I’m just disappointed in the system.  I do apologize to readers for the John Edwards of the world though.  At least politicians make life a little less boring.

The Samurai Fund is down 2.7% YTD, which compares favorably to the S&P 500 down 3.7% YTD.  Still, losing money is disappointing and I wonder if we have to change our outlook and investments given the anti-capitalism rhetoric by the government.  Should we raise cash?  Sell some of the winners?  Need some thoughts from the contributors and readers in general who have investments in the markets.

Perhaps now is the best time to open up the fund to 2 or 3 new entrants given the declines.  I will need help from someone to do a screen shot each week, because my 12″ monitor on my rocking 5 year old iBook G4 can only fit 17 entries!

The Freedom Fund continues to chug along slowly, with a $2,000 increase for January.  Nothing special, just savings from cash flow.


* Conan’s speech was very moving and tells us never to be cynical, take care of the people who brought you here, and appreciate what you have.

* “Blogging For Money” on Monevator is an older post that captures a very cynical view on making money on-line.  It’s a good wake up call for all of us, but don’t let the pessimism get you down.  Join and succeed in Samurai’s Alexa Challenge, and you will flourish.

* “Your Mind And Your Money” is a series of posts by Roger, The Amateur Financier.  Really good effort to discuss the mental aspects of finance Roger.

* David over at Money Ning highlights a video about what to do just in case your gas accelerator gets stuck in response to Toyota’s (-8.5% YTD) massive recall.  Unfortunately, The Samurai Fund is a shareholder.  Key points: Don’t panic, press your brakes hard, put in neutral, turn off the car.

* “Make Money Freelance Writing” is a guest post on PT Money by Debbie Dragon (yes, real name).  The money making potential is impressive, as well as the revelation that there is a blogger out there who bought 600 articles to put on his/her blog!

* “The Samurai Alexa Challenge” on Sweating The Big Stuff is a great initiative by Daniel-san to aggregate the participants from the original post.  Daniel-san will  hopefully add some new tweaks, because the competition is not between us, but a challenge for ourselves.  The goal is for us to collaborate and help each other out.  Anybody who would like to join the challenge, please say so in the original post with your rank and send Daniel-san an e-mail.

Keiju (Regards),

Sam @ Financial Samurai – “Slicing Through Money’s Mysteries”

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  1. says

    Thanks for the link Sam! I’d personally say my blogging article is realistic, rather than cynical. A tiny handful of blogs make more than a dollar or two a day, compared to the 4 million a month or similar that are started.

    I definitely wouldn’t want to stop anyone blogging who wanted to do it for non-financial reasons.

    Come in, the water’s lovely! Just don’t do it to get rich. If you make money on the side, that’s a happy by-product. :)

  2. says

    Yep, your article is realistic. I thought it was a good juxtaposition to put your article next to Conan’s optimistic video.

    I will bet you that all of us in the Samurai Alexa Challenge will be making much more than a couple dollars a day in 6 months if we succeed! We just have to want to do it. I don’t think the millions of other blogs want to make money.

    @Wojciech Kulicki
    NP, hope the baby is doing well! Just don’t let her work in HS!

  3. Charlie says

    Those are 2 great video highlights. I personally have never really found Conan funny, just not my style, but I give him props for that speech. Taking a bad/upsetting situation and putting a positive and uplifting spin on it is admirable and motivating.

    Also find that acceleration video helpful as I wouldn’t have thought about using neutral even though it seems so obvious now.

    Hope the samurai fund hangs on!

  4. says

    Yeah, i wasn’t a huge fan of Conan either until this episode! Funny as hell guy, but never “connected.” Whether he’s sincere or not, you could really go far in life w/ that outlook :)

    Appreciate the link love my man.

  5. says

    On the subject of the Alexa challenge, I meant to ask — do I have to put the Alex button in my site to enter? I’m happy enough to install the toolbar but I try to have as little stuff around the site as possible — I have virtually no buttons (except Feedburner), due to my psychotic minimalist taste! :)
    .-= Monevator´s last blog ..Weekend reading: Interest is interesting =-.

  6. says

    Hey Sam,

    I appreciate the link. Thanks also for sharing monevator’s highly pessimistic article, it was interesting to hear his take. I took from it that it’s his hobby and he doesn’t treat it like a business… as a result he’s getting hobby income results… You can also make more money cutting lawns, but it’s not residual. Just my 2 cents.
    .-= Ryan @ Planting Dollars´s last blog ..The Part Time Job Search =-.

  7. says

    Thanks for the link, my friend; It’s good to know that my writing is appreciated. I’ll have to read (and watch) all the other great links; it looks like you did an impressive job finding some of the best posts this past week.

    By the way, a bit of a heads up: it looks like this post was copied by a scalper here: I got two notification messages about being linked from this article, clicked on the second one, and was just about to comment on your snazzy new blog lay out when I realized that it wasn’t in fact your blog address. I’m not certain how to deal with scalpers myself, but writing them a nasty note and sending something to Google and the other big search engine sites would probably be a good place to start.
    .-= Roger´s last blog ..Net Worth Update: Another Month Gone =-.

  8. says

    @Ryan – Thanks for stopping by my article, glad you found it interesting. I’m earning more now, but still not enough compared to the hours…But you’re right, I haven’t gone crazy to make money out of it.

    @sam – I liked the Conan O’Brien speech but the simple fact is 99.99% of his viewers won’t get a $10 million payoff (or whatever it was) when we walk from our job. Not every child can be an astronaut – there aren’t enough space ships.

    It’s worth trying if you find the journey worthwhile, in my view, not because everyone can arrive. Personally I find my take *optimistic*, because not everyone can arrive — but anyone CAN try.

  9. says

    @J. Money
    No prob man. I wasn’t a fan either, but his goodbye speech was definitely honorable, sincere and worth highlighting!

    Sure, you’re welcome to join. Install the toolbar and track yourself, and let Daniel-San know on Sweating The Big Stuff if you want to get linked up on his site. I like minimalist too, and that’s what I’m going to shoot for as I negotiate more direct ad tie-ups.

    @Ryan @ Planting Dollars
    No prob! I think all our sites are a hobby, even if we’re making six figures a year from it, unless we quit our jobs and don’t do anything else.

    Rog, can you talk to me more about scalpers? Not sure exactly what you are talking about b/c the link you provide just goes to your site.

    I don’t think we should not like Conan b/c he is getting $35 million to walk away (NBC’s decision). I just think he showed sincerity which was great.

  10. says

    Ah, sorry, FS; Trying to copy and paste too many web addresses today. This is the one I meant: *Double Checks to make sure he got the right one this time.* It looks like someone copied your article word for word (and links) and posted it as their own. (that’s what it means to ‘scalp’ a blog). If I’ve misunderstood what’s going on (which is possible), that might not be the case. Thanks for pointing out my mistake; I’ll need to watch my comments a bit more carefully.
    .-= Roger´s last blog ..Net Worth Update: Another Month Gone =-.

  11. says

    Yep they’ve been spamming my site for the longest time now. I’m not sure it really matters so long as you don’t accept it as a link. It doesn’t show up in google, and won’t get traction.

    @Bytta @151 Days Off
    I disagree with him regarding “only the top 4 business schools matter”, and how he name drops a lot. It’s pretty self-righteous and annoying to be frank. That said, he’s a success, so have to give him credit as well as to Jun, the interviewer. If I were Jun, I’d go one step further and ask for a job, or an investment from Seth. Always be closing!

  12. says

    Ah, yes. I remember that one. A little bit harsh, but it’s ironic how he creates his own version of MBA program. Talk is cheap, but if you can back it up, you’re free to brag (up to a point).
    Talking about asking for a job, I just found out today that Darren, the ProBlogger guy actually lives only a few suburbs away from me (I know, duh!). Maybe I should ask him for a job.

    • says

      CCC – Thanks. I didn’t think so. Tell me, why do these scrapper sites exist if Google doesn’t index them, and nobody visits them? What’s the point?

  13. says

    @Admin – Its all the traffic they get from people going back to their website because you got the notification. Its a bit like hosting log spam, where people visit your site from theirs in the hope that you read your stats and go, “Hey, what is this website that is linking to me?” only to find out its a Viagra or Adsense only site.
    .-= Fred Schebesta´s last blog ..Repaying Your Student Loans =-.

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