Would you accept a pay cut to switch to an employer who was environmentally responsible?

Yes, if it meant receiving 10-20% less pay
0 (0%)
Yes, if it meant receiving <10% less pay
0 (0%)
No, only if the pay was the same. Environmental-stewardship isn't a priority.
1 (50%)
I'd burn prairie chickens if it meant lower heating costs.
1 (50%)

Total Members Voted: 2

Voting closed: March 03, 2019, 11:34:43 AM

Author Topic: Would you take a pay cut to work for an environmentally-responsible company?  (Read 1692 times)

Young And The Invested

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A recent survey of over 1,000 employees at large U.S. companies found over 70% would be more likely to choose to work at a company with a strong environmental agenda. 

Would you take a pay cut to work for an environmentally-responsible company?

Is that a trade-off one should even have to make?  Or is this just another false choice to convince Millennials to work for less pay? (sarcasm)

Personally, I work for a nuclear-heavy utility and receive a fair wage for my area of the country.  I don't feel I am forced to make this trade-off.  I fall into the second or third option from the poll because I do admire my company's efforts to change my industry's environmental footprint.

For the referenced survey:



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That definitely feels like a false choice.

Maybe more appropriately I'd quote the physicist Wolfgang Pauli, "That's not even false."


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Nope. That’s too hard to measure regarding the environmental impact.


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I am all for preserving the environment but I agree with Sam that it's hard to measure so no.