Author Topic: The Current Job Market Makes it Sound like Primetime to Engineer your Layoff  (Read 9349 times)


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I work with a recruiter that helps search online platforms (mostly Linkedin) to find candidates.  He's been busier this year than any of his 25+ years recruiting.  He mentions that there is a serious lack of candidates to fill the high amount of open positions, not just regionally but nationwide. I asked if it was just our industry (engineering/consulting) and he indicated it's pretty pervasive across the white collar workforce.

Curious to hear if others are seeing this trend. If true, it's a great time to brush up that resume and Linkedin profile and see what else is out there. 


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 Very interesting anecdote! I’ve been out of the workforce for a long time, except for my high school tennis coaching job. But if that’s the case, good news for my book I guess.

Before I retire a second time around, I actually want to test out the job market and see if I could get back in. And then write about the experience. It seems like we have reached maximum employment, so finding a job should be relatively easy.


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I actually attended a conference today where an MBA professor/economist presented data that layoffs are at an all time low (in recent history).

My wife works for a Fortune 50 corporation with a decent and well structured severance package.  Probably not a lot of room for negotiation.  Layoffs are a regular occurrence but she's unlikely to be on the list even though she'd like to be.

Sam, how might she be able to benefit from your book?