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Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland

Started by Jpfire1, September 26, 2018, 05:05:45 PM

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Anyone invest in these markets before?


You could research these markets on Bigger Pockets, it's a great resource for real estate. The turnkey provider we purchased property from in 2016 moved into the Dayton area, we did some research but decided it wasn't for us. The city has been hit very hard economically since 2008 and hasn't recovered anywhere nearly as well as some other areas of OH. Dayton was also featured on Frontline recently, it did show some areas of opportunity, but it didn't present a picture of somewhere I would be excited to invest in!


I just invested in a assisted living/memory care senior housing development in a suburb of Cleveland.

During the webinar the developers described Cleveland like much of the Midwest. My take on what they said was a stable population with a RE market that has recovered, but not gotten too far ahead of itself. Where real estate is still priced within reason and the cost of living is attainable for most people.


In my private newsletter last week, I highlighted how inventory is way up in several cities for August 2018 YEar over year Columbus Ohio is one of them:

The five cities that saw the largest annual increase in active listings in August 2018 were: Denver (+87.0 percent), Columbus, Ohio (+59.3 percent?!), San Jose, Calif. (+47.6 percent), Seattle, Wash. (+27.6 percent), Washington, D.C. (+24.0 percent), and Portland (+20 percent).

I would be very wary of Columbus Ohio right now.

Here is the link to my private newsletter: