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Opportunity Zones

Started by tim2018, March 17, 2019, 08:56:40 AM

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Has anyone gotten into crowdfunded opportunity zone offerings?  Fundrise has talked about it, but EquityMultiple is the first one I've seen with an offering.  $50K min for Phoenix Metro Industrial.  The tax benefits are quite attractive, but I'm not sure I'm ready to dip my toes yet.


I just checked Fundrise and they are accepting investments ($25K min) in their Opportunity Fund.  I guess they are raising funds, but no actual investments yet.  Correction: They listed two investments, but not much info provided.


Yeah, I've been waiting for more information before seriously considering this. 

I sold a rental property in January.  From what I know, I have 180 days to invest in a qualified opportunity zone to take advantage of the cap gain deferral so I've been monitoring for updates.


I think this might take longer than expected given the hesitation to invest in developing neighborhoods with lower median household incomes and such.

I haven't gotten anything from Fundrise yet, but will follow up.



I discovered a new site called Cadre that does crowd-funding RE and O-zone investments.  They have one listed in LA for ~$200M ground-up mixed-use development!  Seems like they target the bigger fishes with minimum investments of $50K.

My hesitation is similar.  While deals are coming up, the ground-up development is riskier, coupled with what I believe is a slowing economy.  The EquityMultiple deal is an industrial logistics warehouse development in an export zone in Phoenix area.  Seems like a good prospect.

Also, I noted that Fundrise O-zone fund issues 1099-DIV, while others are K-1 partnerships.