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Fundrise eREITS

Started by Jsmith, September 25, 2018, 06:51:08 AM

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I know this has been discussed a little bit before in this topic, but does anyone have any preferences on eREITS for Fundrise? I know Sam is a big fan of the Heartland eREIT, but should these be treated sort of like index funds where you want to diversify with them?

I saw they have a "long-term growth" eREIT which is allocated 70% in growth eREITS and then 10% each in west coast, east coast, and heartland which may not be bad idea but having more exposure to the heartland would make more sense given Sam's research.

Finally, I see that they have two growth eREITs now (Growth eREIT and Growth eREIT II). Does anyone know any difference between these other than inception date? Growth eREIT II was just created this month, while the first one was created in Feb '16, so would the second growth eREIT provide more upside since it's at inception and you would be investing from the beginning?

The "Long-Term Growth" eREIT has 50% exposure to Growth eREIT II, while only 20% to the first Growth eREIT so I'm trying to figure out if they are doing this to simply attract more funds to the new Growth eREIT II or they genuinely believe it is a better growth investment from this point on.