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45% of Americans blame Wall Street for making American Dream harder

Started by inoffensiveusername1, March 07, 2019, 10:16:20 PM

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As reported by Bloomberg, a recent RealClear Opinion Research survey found that 45% of Americans blame Wall Street for making American Dream harder to achieve. 26% blamed "the free market." Would be interested to know Sam's take on this as a former employee of "Wall Street."


I'd love to know the reasons why wall street street had Main Street life harder.  What specifically?



I hear this all the time also.  I think it is just jealousy or mis-information.  It's not like there is less money available for others....


Maybe just the general plot and conclusions in the movie The Big Short?

Jealousy is certainly on the list.


People probably do not know how to articulate it but I would guess they are alluding to inflationary pressures, makes it more difficult to stay put (not having to change jobs), also means you can't just save money in a mattress etc. Most people don't realize index funds are easy and keep one's finances ahead of the rest of the gamblers.
OTOH, it does make buying a house much easier, which interestingly most people think they are payingmore for instead of gradually paying less.