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Bloomberg: Google became more Asian but POC not as much

Started by inoffensiveusername1, April 03, 2019, 06:57:11 PM

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Bloomberg reports that Google's "Asian workforce grew...and people of color showed less obvious improvement."

Not sure what this means, that Asians do not count? Interesting in light of the Harvard situation.


Yes, for some reason Asians don't count as a minority or people of color, even though Asians represent only about 6% of the American population - a smaller minority than Hispanics and African Americans.

The reason why Asians don't con't is probably because it doesn't fit a narrative.



The term "POC" is triggering! Haha...

It's always meant "Point of Contact" in every office and business I've ever worked. You always say... "The POC for that office is..."

The whole term is annoying anyway though... what human being doesn't have any color? Even Edgar Winter has some color.