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Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Started by Sam, August 04, 2018, 06:17:32 PM

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Great to hear from everyone so far after I mentioned the forums in the newsletter! I plan to make FSF my new favorite hangout spot during non post days. I found myself wandering to places like Quora and stuff, but it felt so huge and impersonal.

One of our biggest challenges will be to keep spammers out. You won't believe how many spammers try to register without us even telling anybody about the forums yet! The other challenge is to keep a decorum. I have to imagine if we have a no a-hole rule, then all will be good. But we shall see!




Hi All,

Thank you Sam for a great site and great to see the launch of the Forum, massive well done and top job !!!

I am Barrie from the UK and I live in a small Town in the North West of England between Liverpool and Manchester. I am 43 years old, love all things personal finance as well as gardening and fell walking. I have had the FIRE bug for about 8 years and I'm looking to hang up my boots in the traditional sense before I turn 50.

I am really looking forward to reading, learning and contributing to the new forum wherever possible.

Kind regards,


This forum is a fantastic idea. I love your writing and perspective on life. Thank you for what you do.


Excited you are coming to America from Romania! Which city? I think the move will be great for your daughter. I lived in Asia + Zambia for 13 years before coming to America, and I have found myself saying many times in my mind and out loud, "I love America and I'm proud to be American."

Quote from: Ramona on September 09, 2018, 11:37:17 AM
Hello to you all.

I'm Ramona, you also know me as Dojo from the comments I leave on your blogs ;)

I'm from Romania, work at home as a web designer, am married and have a 4 year old daughter who wants to become the next tennis champ in 20 years time.

We are moving to the US in 3 months' time, so I'll ask a lot of questions regarding what we can do financially to make it work. We'll stay at our friends in the NYC (we stayed there for about 18 months as tourists almost a decade ago), but it's gonna be pretty challenging, since we need to leave everything behind and pack our lives in about 3 suitcases. Daughter still doesn't speak English too well, but I hope she'll learn fast, I don't plan on getting a job there, since she does need someone to care for her .. so we'll need to make do with my blogging/web design freelance business and whatever husband can find to work.

Anyways .. I'm a forum buff and love chatting, so expect to see a lot of me here :D



Ah, Virginia, where I went to high school and college. Welcome!

Quote from: Lake on September 09, 2018, 02:56:27 PM
Hello from Virginia! I have been reading your articles for the past four years, and my only wish is that I had been more interested in personal finance earlier. I look forward to learning from this forum. I work for the government, and my current plan is to stay there until I am eligible for retirement. I once owned a modest rental and would like to to own one or more again, but I am not in a position to do so currently. Thank you!



Congrats on your son's great position! As a dad, I have so many hopes and dreams for my son. Fingers crossed.

Glad you get to detox and relax more. You deserve it. I have to imagine successfully raising a child to adulthood must be one of the greatest rewards.

Quote from: FabFitRetired on September 09, 2018, 03:02:07 PM
So excited to have the forums as a place to learn more great information from the Financial Samurai Community. I have been an avid reader of Sam for 4+ years and I am truly thankful for his time and effort to make the blog so informative, yet in a humorous, fun way.  Sam is Awesome!!!!  My son just graduated from a University with a degree in Engineering from a top notch school, debt free and with $50k + net worth because he has also been an avid reader of the Financial Sam blog.  Following Sam's recommendations really works.

I retired at age 50 from a public safety job. I now keep busy teaching fitness and healthy lifestyle habits so I can enjoy my hard earned retirement and help others de-stress and move and feel better. After years of a highly stressful job, the ability to detox, and enjoy the wonders of life is truly Fabulous!  Thus my on-line name: FabFitRetired.

I look forward to sharing with everyone, to keep our brain and body moving forward a little bit every day.



Romeo! Good to see you're still alive! Whoo hoo! Dang... retiring at 39 with a nice pension for life is gonna be nice.

39 is still so young. You can do whatever you want with your life!

Quote from: romeojeremiah on September 09, 2018, 03:27:27 PM
Yay! I'm in! Name is Romeo. Long time reader. Been around the blogging arena for a while. Personal finance nerd. Will retire from the military next year at the tender age of 39. I'll spend the majority of my time in the FIRE group.



Brand new reader here, as I found your blog about a month ago. Finished my doctorate (biomedical engineering) 2 years ago and have been in my current job for almost 1.5 years, so I still have a ways to go before I have the means to gain full financial freedom. I'm looking to grow my financial chops so I can better understand my investments and other financial allocations for the future. Looking forward to learning from everyone here!


Hello all!

Long time reader of FS. Glad to meet everyone here! I look forward to sharing and interacting with others. Let's all keep helping each other sharpen our financial skills (blades) as we slice through money's mysteries! ;)

Sam, thanks for creating this forum!

All the best!



Hi everyone:

I'm excited that Sam has finally put up a forum. I lurk frequently on Bogleheads, Early-Retirement.Org and MMM but I never quite fit in with many of the posters. I think the FS crowd will be the best fit!

My wife and I are early-40s with 1 young son currently living in a major European city and loving the urban lifestyle. We've live outside of the US on several continents for 10 of the last 12 years. We're basically FI but I'm still working since I have a fairly low-stress situation with my current employer.



Pretty nice idea Sam! I have been a subscriber of the blogs for a while now, I'm a financial Nerd looking into every single possible alternative to invest our hard earned money. I'm still trapped on corporate America but I'm looking forward to engineer my layoff. Thanks for adding a Forum to the mix. 


Hey Sam,
So glad this is up and running. I've been reading FS for about a year now after a colleague turned me on to it. I'm not living a FIRE lifestyle and 90+% of my portfolio is in my 401k. Still very much enjoy the posts and I look forward to the conversation here and being able to learn from others.


Great that a forum is now available! My handle is SouthWestIron, looking hopefully to be "Fire'd" in January or at least semi Fire'd? 


This is so exciting! Hello from London!

I've been following Sam for a few years. Like others I'm sure, I wish I found out about early retirement a bit sooner in life, but at least I've always been a good saver, which helped when I finally discover what I could do with my money!

We are very close to FI, looking at the numbers we could jump pretty much right now, but my other half seems to have a love/hate relationship with his job, so I am just standing on the side waiting for him to make his decision.

In the meantime, I stopped working like a crazy person and now work only 2 days a week, and I'm blogging and reading blogs the rest of the week! :)


Thanks for creating this forum, Sam!

I'm Mike from Washington, DC. Early 30s. Married, and slowly converting my wife to the FIRE mindset. We live in the heart of the city and are currently renting, but we're knee deep in trying to learn how we can utilize real estate to grow our long-term wealth.

Looking forward to reading, and contributing what little nuggets of info we can to the conversation.


Hi all!!  Thanks for the forum, Sam.  I can't remember exactly when I started reading FS, but it's been an invaluable resource for me.  Looking forward to learning even more from fellow forum members!
All the best,


Hey there everyone!

I love to learn from the experience of others. I'm a personal financial counselor for our country's heroes and I also own a financial counseling business. I went back to school later in life to get a masters in financial planning & counseling and love what I do.

Looking forward to meeting everyone.


Cam here from - I sit closer to the 'Fat' end of the FIRE community, and I'm generally more interested in topics related to growing top line earnings and investment potential (as opposed to a hyper focus on cost control).

Personally, I've figured out the FI part of FIRE, but still work a conventional "job" building software and businesses in the Bay Area... that's what I would end up doing after a few months of RE anyhow. Currently considering a few ventures that I might go "start-up". I guess that's the biggest advantage of FI (for me) - the flexibility and opportunity to play the game on a deeper level, take a little more risk.

Thanks Sam! Look forward to connecting with folks!
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Hi I'm Eric.

Long time fan and student of FS!

I am an entrepreneur turned investor/consultant/writer.

Looking forward to sharing ideas.


Hello Sam and forum participants,

Long time reader of Financial Samurai here. It's great to see the forum and glad to be here