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Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Started by Sam, August 04, 2018, 06:17:32 PM

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Hi everyone. Thanks for your interest and support of the Financial Samurai Forums! Please take a minute to say hi. Feel free to share as much or as little about yourself as you like. It'll be fun to see the community grow and reach all corners of the globe.

We're right now in soft launch mode, and I plan to publicize the forum by September 2018. I just want to make sure as many kinks are out first.

My story:





Thanks for launching the forums Sam! Really excited to be involved.  ;D Welcome everyone!


Hi! I've been reading your blog since 2012 or so and am a big fan. I'm born and raised in San Francisco and really like your real estate posts. Thanks for starting the forums!


Hi! Congrats on the forums Sam! Let's see a little about me... I don't really have a home base these days but I'm currently in Portland. I've been hopping around every few months and enjoying a nomad lifestyle, taking part time jobs to supplement my freelance gigs.  I've enjoyed reading your blog for roughly five years and love your sense of humor. Your April Fools posts crack me up every time and I always find myself laughing at something in your posts or in the comments. Keep up the great work man! You're one talented guy.


Thanks for launching the forums Sam. I've been a fan of your blog for a while after coming across your 1/10th car buying rule article on search. It's helped me stick with my used Camry that I now plan to drive until it needs major maintenance and even then I may still decide to fix and keep it vs getting a replacement. Anyway, glad to be here.


The forums are great Sam. Looking forward to chatting here. I've been reading for a long time and love your blog.


Hey guys. I just joined and am pumped Sam the man now has forums. I love learning about investing and building passive income streams. I've learned a lot since I started reading your blog and am always looking to learn more. I'm born and raised in NY and will probably never leave. It's expensive but it's the only place that truly feels like home to me. Reading about personal finance is my favorite way to utilize my commute and take my mind off how hot it is in the dang subway in this crazy heat.


 :)  Hi everyone!  Glad to have a place to discuss all things financial!  It's nice to step away from advertising hype on what people should do (according to advertisers) or the false thought that you can't learn and understand options available.   The very false idea that you better not consider doing things you understand yourself.
I have had my licenses in Property and Casualty Insurance, Life and Health Insurance and Series 7 and Series 63 for a long time.  I am the back office of a captive insurance agency that has been represented by someone in my husband's family since the 1940's.  We are blessed that we could raise children (with me home), pay employees and save some since 1991.  This summer I went into insurance production (new for me) because of a perfect storm of staffing issues.  As our parent company (a big player) makes adjustments wrt the fiduciary rule, I will be on the financial services side. 
I am a big believer that everyone (or at least one person per family) should be able to negotiate filing a basic tax return themselves without being afraid of the process or feeling like they must pay someone else more than is sensible. It is empowering for parents to be able to navigate tax returns so they can file for student financial aid or whatever else they need to take care of.
Folks should have a current will, and have named beneficiaries on those things they wish to bypass probate. 
Everyone should have made preparations for the things we don't expect but are statistically likely to happen...a car accident, an illness, a layoff, a weather event, an untimely death.  Everyone should have a savings account that they actually use to save money in, not just to cover an overdraft.
Hard work makes good things happen, but not everyone who works hard has good things happen. 
In my observation, 30% of folks just don't deal with money. They don't face that they have to make conscious choices or money will fritter away or worse, cause big problems with relationships and a future.  They overdraft, overspend and undersave and are surprised they aren't getting anywhere.  30% of folks might not earn much, and they probably work hard, but they cut back or put off a lot of important things to be able to do what they want to do.  I've notice these folks tend to be generous with their time and possessions.
30% of folks are trying to figure out how to balance mortgage, bills, and surprises. If they are smart, have access to good information, maybe have some source they trust for advice when they need it, they figure out some ways to make it some of it happen.  These are the ones with some retirement but probably not enough.

Then there are those of us who make time to gather in places like this.  We work hard. We surrounded ourselves with folks smarter than we are. We have worked out ways to financially protect ourselves from the devastation of a car accident, a weather disaster, an illness or an early death.  We have figured out ways to provide for our families now and if we leave this world early.  We aren't relying on Social Security payments or government programs as the only source of income when we can't work or are done working. 

Thanks for being here.  It is a good place for all of us to share our strengths. Thanks Sam and Mrs Samurai for making this place happen.


Hello to you all.

I'm Ramona, you also know me as Dojo from the comments I leave on your blogs ;)

I'm from Romania, work at home as a web designer, am married and have a 4 year old daughter who wants to become the next tennis champ in 20 years time.

We are moving to the US in 3 months' time, so I'll ask a lot of questions regarding what we can do financially to make it work. We'll stay at our friends in the NYC (we stayed there for about 18 months as tourists almost a decade ago), but it's gonna be pretty challenging, since we need to leave everything behind and pack our lives in about 3 suitcases. Daughter still doesn't speak English too well, but I hope she'll learn fast, I don't plan on getting a job there, since she does need someone to care for her .. so we'll need to make do with my blogging/web design freelance business and whatever husband can find to work.

Anyways .. I'm a forum buff and love chatting, so expect to see a lot of me here :D


Super excited to be here, reader since last 4 years, looking forward to learn more!



I want to thank Sam for Financial Samurai, which I've been reading for a year now.  I enjoy his different perspective on time and money, and his sense of humor.

I'm Karen, my husband is Steve.  We're in our late 50s*, very much the sandwich generation with the last of our five children in college and parents in their late 80s needing our help.  My husband is retired and is the parent care taker, and I still work.  Financially, I could retire now but haven't: parent care has limited our travel plans, husband's pre-existing condition and health care cost worry me, and the job is still interesting and rewarding. Instead I've negotiated working remotely and can reduce my hours as I wish.

I'm especially interested in real estate and side hustles. 

We like to fly fish and do historical research. And we're growing a giant pumpkin - we'll be entering it in the local fair later this month...

*actually I just turned 60 - still can't believe it...

Jon Sharpe

Hey Sam, thanks for setting up the forums! I'm Jon from and am looking forward to the conversations here. I'm a 48-year-old executive at a Fortune 50 company on track to get FIRE'd by 55. Married with two kids and a dog. See you around the forums!


Hello from Virginia! I have been reading your articles for the past four years, and my only wish is that I had been more interested in personal finance earlier. I look forward to learning from this forum. I work for the government, and my current plan is to stay there until I am eligible for retirement. I once owned a modest rental and would like to to own one or more again, but I am not in a position to do so currently. Thank you!


So excited to have the forums as a place to learn more great information from the Financial Samurai Community. I have been an avid reader of Sam for 4+ years and I am truly thankful for his time and effort to make the blog so informative, yet in a humorous, fun way.  Sam is Awesome!!!!  My son just graduated from a University with a degree in Engineering from a top notch school, debt free and with $50k + net worth because he has also been an avid reader of the Financial Sam blog.  Following Sam's recommendations really works.

I retired at age 50 from a public safety job. I now keep busy teaching fitness and healthy lifestyle habits so I can enjoy my hard earned retirement and help others de-stress and move and feel better. After years of a highly stressful job, the ability to detox, and enjoy the wonders of life is truly Fabulous!  Thus my on-line name: FabFitRetired.

I look forward to sharing with everyone, to keep our brain and body moving forward a little bit every day.


Yay! I'm in! Name is Romeo. Long time reader. Been around the blogging arena for a while. Personal finance nerd. Will retire from the military next year at the tender age of 39. I'll spend the majority of my time in the FIRE group.


Hi, I have commented very little on the blog, but have been reading for a couple years.  I am 52 looking forward to retiring from my federal civilian job at 56 and will have a military retirement at 60 as well.  So I am looking for to continue to invest smartly and begin to travel more.  Thinking of moving managed investments out of personal capital back to vanguard.  The assigned CFA is nice, but I don't think I am getting enough out of those interactions for the .89% fee.  I will try to find the appropriate thread to discuss further.


Hello everyone. I've been a susbscriber/reader of financial samurai for about 1.5 years. Around that time I became interested in personal finances when my partner and I finally had the money talk (how to pay off our debts as a team). Throughout our undergrad, grad school and medical school, neither of us learned how to manage our money. We still have so much to learn. But as off today, we both are on track to paying off our student loans (5 years for my partner, 10 years for me), paid down one credit card (yay! 2 more to go), brought our credit scores WAY up (increase of over 100 points), have an emergency fund, and our knowledge about finances is a little better than when we first started.

I look forward to learning from everyone's experiences, and I hope I can contribute to this forum. Since I have federal student loans, I would say my knowledge in that area is pretty proficient so please ask me any questions regarding strategies for repayment, income based repayment, loan consolidation, public service loan forgiveness or any federal loan forgiveness programs, including military repayment programs. If I don't know the answer, I will do my best to find it for you!


Hi everyone!

I am looking forward to the FSF, seems like a good place to share finance thoughts and ideas with advanced and thoughtful readers.  I've been reading FS for about 2 years - it's my favorite personal finance site, along with a few others (but none as good as FS).

I'm 36, living in a Boston suburb, father of 4 (ages 9, 6, 4, 1), PhD in economics, started two businesses (economic consulting and online education), work most days from home except when traveling, wife is a doctor (still a resident), spending *crazy* amounts of money on childcare and just keeping the household running with 2 working parents, net worth on track with Sam's planning charts so in good shape there.

More about me here:

Looking forward to meeting others and sharing stories.  Good times!

Boston, Massachusetts
Boston, Massachusetts


Hi,  I'm Debbie from Atlanta area.   Guess I've been reading your blog a year or so.   Time seems to fly by these days.   I'm in my mid-50's, no children and happily divorced.    Love reading, talking and listening to most things financial.   Great to have a forum to meet and chat with like-minded people.


Hello all. I am a dad, doctor, and just guy trying to get by. Life is good out in Northern Cali but I am about to move back home to the South. Consider it a form of geographic arbitrage but I also just need to get the Tubb's Fire and loss of our home behind me. I blog at and have been reading Financial Samurai for many years.