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Serena Williams US Open Finals Controversy

Started by Sam, September 10, 2018, 09:32:54 AM

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Anybody watch the US Open women's finals with Serena Williams vs. Naomi Osaka? Pretty intense and entertaining!

I understand how Serena must feel because losing is an extremely uncomfortable feeling. And if you have your integrity questioned, as did the umpire, it gets very personal!

Naomi played amazing, and she deserves the win. I feel Serena helped bring to light a double standard in officiating with men and women, and wow is Serena such a strong voice.

Although some, may disagree. Here's an example I found on Quora:

In criminology, there is a word called Recidivism. Here is the definition for all those who are just introduced to this word.

It is the act of a person repeating an undesirable behavior after they have either experienced negative consequences of that behavior, or have been trained to extinguish that behavior. ~ Source: Wiki[1]

and now watch the timeline/news related to Serena Williams and I am suggesting that Serena repeatedly offended on the court and is a bully. She is not beaten once but twice by Naomi Osaka in the same year. Naomi Osaka made it to the finals and didn't win the match at the mercy/fault of controversy involved between Serena & Umpire. Naomi fought for it and it's her first Grand Slam win.

I was bullied by others in my childhood and I have a tendency to recognise bullies fairly. I would like to express my concern by writing this, highlighting this and saying this that Serena Williams is a bully; not a victim and it needed to be said. In the recent case, Naomi Osaka was the victim and Serena Williams was a bully. ~Andrew Bolt also said this in his post in Herald Sun

2018 US Open: Williams' US Open run for a record-tying 24th major title ended in controversy in New York, with Williams falling to Naomi Osaka in straight sets following a game penalty in the second set. During that second set, she was given a code violation because her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, gave her coaching hand signals. Williams was upset by the violation, claiming that her coach was simply giving her a thumbs up, and demanded an apology from chair umpire Carlos Ramos. Mouratoglou later admitted that he had indeed been coaching.

She received a second violation for smashing her racquet on the court, which resulted in a point penalty. After her third code violation for verbal abuse against the umpire, Williams was assessed a game penalty.

Williams alleged that she had been treated more harshly by the umpire because she is a woman.

Williams was fined a total of $17,000, that included $4,000 for coaching violation, $3,000 for racquet abuse and $10,000 for verbal abuse towards umpire.

Serena's tantrums were ugly and her excuses were even worse.

She said: "I am here fighting for women's rights and women's equality" as she sobbed at her post-match press conference.

Comment: This fabulously rich and entitled superstar with many grand slam wins bullied against a woman, her opponent has no right to say that. First respect your opponent who is also a woman. Serena you stole her moment, her biggest moment of life, every japanese moment of life. You were fighting for yourself and not for women's rights. You have bullied umpires and opponents in the best and you did it again.

Does she meant that 'smashing your racquet', 'having your coach cheat', 'abusing the umpire', and inciting your fans until they boo your opponent - is all about fighting for women's right and equality?

When she was called for second code of violation on smashing the racquet, she abused the umpire and played the mother card saying:
"I don't cheat. You need to make an announcement. I have a daughter and I stand for what's right. You owe me an apology."

2 games after this dialogue, she came back at Ramos saying:
"You will never be on a court with me as long as you live. You are the liar... How dare you insinuate that I was cheating? You stole a point from me. You are a thief"

Then happened this:

Williams and the hooting partisan crowd were so furious that officials banned Ramos from receiving the usual Umpire's award.
Williams belatedly suggest the crowd stop booing so the crying Osaka could make her speech. Osaka's biggest sporting moment was ruined by her.
Williams claim she is a victim of sexism, since male players get away with worse behaviour.



Osaka won and deserved to win. However, the focus now is shifted back to Williams when the focus should be on the fact that Osaka played extremely well and won fair and square. Such a shame Williams really did steal her moment.

In my opinion, Williams actions were disgusting and appalling not only to herself, but took away from the victory Osaka earned. For her to throw a tantrum like a child is one thing, but then to try and bring it back to push a political agenda is even more pathetic.
Very Respectfully,