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My friend bought a new Tesla model 3, I bought Tesla stock

Started by Sam, September 14, 2018, 10:42:47 AM

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Time to revisit this one. I went into 2020 with TSLA my largest holding (by far) of my portfolio. I let it ride up to well over 90% of my retirement portfolio before selling 20%. I felt comfortable having it such a high percentage because I had researched the company to death and realized they had no competition despite the mainstream media constantly worried about the imminent "Tesla Killers". My research told me there was zero chance of that so I didn't want to "deworsify" my portfolio. It worked even better than I imagined! I sold another 5% on the last day of the year for over $715/share (or over $3575 pre-split).

What a ride! With the 20% re-balancing around $580 (over $2900 pre-split) and the 5% on the last day of the year I've paid off my entire cost basis and barely put a dent in my position!