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Dark pools

Started by LMorgan, July 31, 2019, 08:27:16 PM

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I have been hearing about Dark Pools.  They are a real thing (google it) whereby huge stock trades can happen without jerking the stock price around.  I am hearing that there are ways to follow the dark pool trades and benefit from them.  Does anyone know about this?  The only reasonable place I have heard this is from an outfit called TechniTrader.  Their main teacher is Martha Stokes.  They sound credible but they won't give me any names of satisfied students so I told them I'm not going to sign up.  But I'm just wondering what other people have heard about either TechniTrader or about Dark Pools.  Thanks, Lex.


Hmm, first I've heard that term. At first I thought you were talking about something on the dark web. Sounds too good to be true for retail investors to be able to benefit from institutional size trades if that's what you mean by huge stock trades.


 The whole point of dark pools is so that institutional investors cannot get front run by Southside traders and other smaller investors.

Trying to ascertain what are the dark pool trades and profit from them would be a very very hard task.