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Started by Slim in the City, September 16, 2018, 11:49:41 AM

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Slim in the City

Hello Sam:
I thank you for the opportunity to say, "thank you." I appreciate you for dedicating the time to contribute feedback and insight on both your website and on Quora digest. I have been reading through your blog and post and they deeply resonate with me.

I also read and listen to Tim Ferris and found you both to have a similar thread of thinking. I am now at the point where I 'm starting to face the fears of starting something new.  Even the simplest task such as reaching out to somebody that I consider much further along than myself.

I read Did you make fortune in rental property investing? You had mentioned using Crowdfunding to develop real estate investments to invest in markets with higher cap rates. I also live here (East Bay) and have identified Pittsburgh, Pa as my target market – High rents and acquisition cost. I'm excited to say that have begun the process of extending offers to acquire my first property.

Ii I may, I would like to ask you a couple questions:
1.   How have you figured out to develop TRUST with people, especially in the world of investing and asking them to give you money?
2.   What is your personal practice to overcome doubt/fear—perhaps that negative external voice?

Thanks again for having the courage to step out and pursue your dreams and then encouraging others to do the same!



Hi Robert,

1)  With so many stories of corruption, I still have dialed in and trusting anybody else with my money. Therefore, I just manage my money myself. Further, nobody will care more about your money than you.  That said, to trust financial institutions is to realize that everything is rational.  If they screw you, they end up screwing their own reputation and their business. Therefore, established firms  I have no problem trusting if I didn't have the financial knowledge.

2)  fear is mostly in your head. The way I have approached fear is to prepare like crazy, set a deadline, and make the move. With entrepreneurship, I just worked on it before and after work until I finally gain some traction. Now, I know longer fear poverty because I've been able to put various financial buffers in place.  Overtime, fear dissipates With growing confidence.