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Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Started by Sam, August 04, 2018, 06:17:32 PM

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Hello from Oregon! This is going to be so much fun to research and meet people. Briefly, I have a day job in finance and a side hustle. Looking forward to learning and sharing.

Logan Allec

Hi, I'm Logan.  I'm a CPA and full-time financial blogger.  I live in a suburb of Los Angeles, and my wife and I are new parents.  I've been reading Financial Samurai for the past couple years — mostly since I became a blogger myself — and I like that he says what many others in the world of financial publishing won't.  I'm happy to be here and to learn from you all.


Hello! My name is Tommy and my aim is to become more financially successful by learning financial tips and tricks from this forum!

Jeff VA

Hey everyone.

I found this site some time in 2018 when I was searching Google to find non-biased analysis on the real estate market. It has been a gold mine thus far and I am thoroughly enjoying the active community.

I'm not ready to FIRE yet and don't have plans to FIRE too early because I like my job, but I love talking about finance, life, cars, real estate, family....pretty much most of the topics that are covered on this site.

I hope I can be a valuable contributor and look forward to engaging with y'all either here or in the comment sections.


macarthur wheeler

Hello fellow FS enthusiasts and assorted humans.  The wife and I have two children, a girl and a boy.  We live in the great southwest with a dingbat of a labrador retriever.  The wife tolerates my personal finance obsession, although she is on board with budgeting, investing, helping and generally tracking how we earn, save and spend United States currency. 

The two people I trust in the crowded personal finance field are the esteemed Dave Ramsey and Sam D.    I am unsure how FS is able to crank out so much quality material week after week.  I am very happy he does it.  What Sam has accomplished matters and has made a positive difference. 

The wife and I are both in government service.  We have pensions that will provide stable and substantial income streams.  No debt except a 15 year mortgage that is being paid off in the next 5 years.  We currently save and invest 40% of our gross income.  We are FIRH. Financial Independence Retire Happy.  Simple makes sense to us.  I would qualify for the bottom of the bottom tier IQ in this forum.  What I lack in IQ I make up for with commitment and my wife would say obsession with finance.  Our son has learned a mantra, "you want to earn interest and not pay it."  For birthdays they know any cash goes into their 529s.  Both have custodial ROTH IRAs.

Our goals:
Raise two productive and caring people
Learn weekly
Vacation cabin purchase in 18 months
1 owned rental home in 36 months
Get another dingbat labrador
No mortgage debt in 5 years
No need to touch investments
Live well below income provided by pensions and continue investing at 60/40
Pass ROTH accounts to our kids
To beat Bobby Flay in a kitchen showdown with my smoked rib roast

Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars,



Hello all,

Thank you for the add!  My wife and I live in the suburb of MA, closer to Providence, with our 2 kids (15 yo girl and a 9 yo boy).  We are 46 years old and met Freshman year in college at UVM almost 30 years ago (!!).

We both work in IT and have done a decent job in terms of retirement planning and having an emergency fund.  I've always been interested in stocks and bonds, and I'm trying to diversify into other passive income and non tax-sheltered investments so we can retire "early".

For the past couple of years we've been building a brokerage account focusing on tax advantaged funds stocks with qualified dividends.  I also started dabbling in real-estate crowd funding with RealtyShares, which has been a mixed bag as many of you know.  I still think this platform is a better fit for us rather than owning a "physical" property, so I will go back to this blog after I finish posting.   :)

Looking forward to learning and being inspired by all of you.
~$Retirement Nerd

Deanna - Ms. Fiology

Hey everyone! I am sorry I never introduced myself when I joined this past winter. I am a middle-aged single woman who got sober from drug addiction in 2010 and dug my way out of debt in 2017. Now I'm learning to be a DIY investor while helping other recovering women.

I rebranded from Ms. Fiology to Recovering Women Wealth recently and am trying to change my display name. I've followed the directions in the help archives and went to profile -->account settings but I have no option to change my display name. Does anyone know how to do this? Or should I just delete my account and open a new one?




I've been reading your email newsletter for several years and appreciate the helpful financial information and advice.  Although I am new and cautious about forums I thought this group would be an excellent one to join. 

My primary financial focus is being smart with finances to achieve life goals with financial independence being an effective foundation to reach those goals. I am a chemical engineer living in the Midwest.  My son is a med school student living several hours away.  My husband and I enjoy our simple low cost lifestyle on an organic 4th generation family farmstead. I like sharing my financial samurai learning with my family. Hopefully I can add value in your forums with my questions and insights too. Thank you for organizing this forum!




Hello! My name is Lizzy and I live in NYC. What's up, Financial Samaurai?! ;)
Here to talk about all things finance.



I am steve working in the online ad agency. We have some financial relevant websites for online advertising so I need to learn something about finance and share marketing investment.



I have followed FS for around a year now. I'm very interested in having multiple income streams.  I am getting married in July 2020 and looking forward to learning from everyone and contributing to this community.

Fun facts:
- part owner of a manufactured home park
- play a sport professionally as my primary occupation.
- living in France at the moment
- have a german Shepard named zoey (as you may already have noticed)


Hello All: My name is Shannon, I'm a married Mom of two, a small business owner and real estate investor. I'm a lifelong learner who recently completed a second masters degree  about 25 years after my first trip to college. I find some of the most useful knowledge I've gained, however, comes from sources like this one. I have more to learn and perhaps a few things to share that will help others on their journey. I'm delighted to join you!


Hello Everybody - glad to be here!

I am a social worker in Tampa and am here to learn.

I have the frugality part of personal finance down pat and am trying to figure out how to increase my income. I figure hanging around here might not be a bad start  :D

I have been reading this blog for a while and am looking forward to being part of the financial samurai community!


Hello Everyone,

Have been an avid reader of Financial Samurai since before we knew who "Sam" was, and to me he will always be Sam, Financial Samurai. Read many introductions here and looks like I'm in good company - what else can one expect in Sam's world  ;D

Retired from the corporate world many years ago.  Found the internet and eventually a small online business - first blogging, then jumping from one "new" next thing to another, then a digital marketing business which brought me back to writing, and I did - write that is.  Wrote and published a few eBooks on Amazon. Which was cool.  Royalties were looking good with promise of increasing when bam!  Amazon changed their policies/procedures/systems/etc. and just like that,  Amazon changed their policies/procedures/systems/etc.income slashed in half and continued to decline. Hung up my keyboard, chalked "author"  as done and continued building websites and marketing for B2B clients which isn't a bad gig but there ain't no royalties in them thar hills.

Then a funny thing happened on the way to the forum (so to speak).  Every month for over 5 years now, like magic an auto-deposit in my bank from Amazon for books that sold somewhere in the world. Good or good? Yeah, by now, due to sheer neglect its just coffee money, but that's a lot of coffee over the years for having done zilch!

Now, I've always been a writer of sorts (long story), and have revisited the writing/publishing thing lately.  Have connected and reconnected with writers/publishers etc. The thing is I enjoy writing. It's a place I feel at home.  The industry is not exactly what one would call a money machine, but kids are grown (and doing fine), expenses are relatively low, so am throwing my hat in and then, who knows?  Would be cool to generate a consistent and reliable passive income  8)



Hey everyone,

I am a recent graduate and have been reading Financial Samurai for a few years now. I'm looking forward to starting my career at a bank and applying what I've learned here with my personal finances. I am based in LA and grew up moving all over the world. Always happy to find a community of like-minded people.


Hello Financial Samurai's!

I'm starting a new job this month and would like to recalibrate my financial life. I'm looking forward to learning from the community on best practices, and hopefully I can share some of my budgeting techniques that have helped me save over time :)

Take care,


Hello from Montana!

I've been reading FS for over a year - I think.  Anyway, I'm married with five adorable little monsters eight and under with an 11 month old as the youngest.  I married very late at the age of 45 so I have many years with kiddo costs.  So far, these costs have been extremely manageable to the point that we are discussing a sixth little monster.

Since 2014 we've been financially independent and continually have improved our financial well being to the point that we moved to Montana back in 2018 to help veterans with PSTD - I'm a veteran myself.  Anyway, I've had a dual career in the power sector, I have a BSME and MBA, and the military.  I've deployed to the Middle East three times, Africa, and Central America.  I'll be retired from the military later this year. 

Anyway, looking forward to participating and glad to share specifics of how attained FI.  Also, feel free to reach out to me, especially veterans, if anyone wants to learn of my successes and failures.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Semper FI!



Hello everyone,

I am a 35 year old NASA engineer married with three kids in Cleveland, OH.  I am pretty obsessive about retirement planning, but I do not consider myself to be in the camp of retire as early as possible.  I figure it's prudent to work at least until my kids are out of college anyway.  I currently invest about mostly in stocks through my TSP (government's version of 401k) and three rental properties that I own in northeast Ohio.  I recently started my own personal finance blog, which I won't post here because I'm not sure if self promotion is taboo in the forums.

In general I am curious to hear how people are investing with valuations high across asset classes, trying to figure out the right balance of current vs. future spending, figuring out just how early I actually want to retire, and figuring out if reaching financial freedom actually brings happiness or if that is a fantasy of mine and if it is really just the beginning of a tough journey to figure out what is truly worth your time when none of your time is actually obligated.


Hello from CT.

I'm 25 years old and decided to finally take my personal finance more seriously. I just started following financial samurai in the middle of 2019 and was really digging his interesting perspective on financial topics.

I'm hoping by being in this group and by continuing to be more proactive in taking action I will have more success with my finances and retirement  :)