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What's your favorite side hustle?

Started by Jamie, August 09, 2018, 11:52:44 PM

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I love how there's such a big range of side hustles in this thread! Lots of fun and creative ideas.

A few others I've thought about but haven't tried are being a notary, designing and selling t-shirts, bartending private parties, being an extra when film crews come through town, and house sitting. I'm sure it's probably best to focus on just a few at a time though depending on demand and not getting spread too thin.


I enjoyed driving for Lyft for the first year until the rates tanked.

My favorite side hustle is SEO/content marketing consulting. Every single startup and established company alike needs an SEO and copywriter. The Chief Content Officer job is going to be huge.


Do 2nd jobs count as side hustles?  I work as a chef's assistant two or three times a week at a cooking school a couple blocks away.  I love it- you learn about food, meet interesting people, and the tips are nice.


First Post!

I am an automotive engineer at an automotive company but build my own cars for fun.

On the side I started writing DIY articles for an online auto parts vendor I buy a lot of parts from. I kind of fell into it after starting my own blog about the same topic and they approached me about writing for them. Doing it for fun, extra cash, and exploratory purposes because you never know what new doors it may open.  8)


I like to write options using my stock investment account.  I write covered calls against my individual stocks.  I write naked puts (of short duration) too.  I wonder if a side hustle intended to primarily bring in revenue and/or have fun and ad spice to one's life.  About 15 years ago I started collecting coins and then got distracted.  I may go back to coin collecting again but it would be to build the collection, not generated extra revenue.  So I don't know if coin collecting, to primarily expand the collection, would be considered a side hustle.


I've been learning to Syndicate Commercial Real Estate, and Networking with Qualified Investors to purchase my first MutliFamily Apt complex, about $100 Units ~ $5-9M. I've been reading going to seminars and practicing the numbers. Now to start finding a deal and make offers. All mainly off hours, managing my day job and wife, kids, family life etc... Engineer by Day Commercial RE investor by night!!  ;).

Always looking for people interested in Cash Flow and backend Equity.


I rent out my guest bedroom.  Most of the people come as a referral from a friend of mine that knows people all over.    This current one is doing a CDC Fellowship so responsible and busy at work.    I'm picky about the person being older (late 20's or more) thus more mature with how they treat my house.    So far it has been great having interesting people staying here, they help with my dog if I need to do something after work and easy way to add to my savings.


Just saw a headline that someone makes $90,000 a year as a side hustle acting as a TUTOR! Not sure exactly what s/he is tutoring, but wow, that's big bucks.

Another thing you can do is take advantage of the paranoia parents have about their kids going to college. If you went to a good school, or work/worked at a prestigious firm, you can act as a college admissions tutor/adviser for big bucks.

Proof is in the pudding: you.



I have been charging electric scooters in San Jose since the beginning of September. Made about $400 in one month and will probably make more next month. It is not great money and like a lot of these driving gigs, it is easy to actually lose money. People forget about taxes, vehicle depreciation, gasoline. Mainly I am interested in having some earned income so that I can contribute to my IRA.


I like the side hustle that builds into an asset.  Through my business purchases I play the credit card rewards game ASAP as some mentioned.  Most recently I took a duplex that was breaking even cash flow and renovated both units(over a couple years) with my side hustle time. I increased rents a little over 50% and forced appreciation $120K after refinancing out all my original investment.  Now my eyes are open for the next opportunity.


A buddy of mine in San Francisco has a Turo - side hustle car rental business while working a full time job as a software engineer. He buys these smart cars at a steep discount directly from the dealers and rents them out like houses. I think he is up to 10 cars and generates $100,000/year part time semi-passive income. Not bad for a side hustle. 


Quote from: supportingmaps on July 02, 2020, 09:57:23 AM
I have two:

1) Filling out surveys for about $15/hour was pretty fun but not so much anymore.

2) I sell physical items online. That venture has dried up but you jump for joy when you see a sale.

What's your favorite survey site?  I've got a lot of time on my hands right now.  I'm already participating on two sites, but can easily fit in another.  TIA! 


Thanks, I'm retired from Tech and onto being a Travel Agent - so lots of free time to burn.  TA is just for extra money, discounts on trips, and I'm learning a whole lot about the industry.  So I'm taking tons of classes and read a lot, but still have some spare time.  And yes a handwritten note often goes a long way.


Quote from: supportingmaps on July 27, 2020, 10:42:47 AM
Cool, I'd love to learn about your background if you don't mind over private message. I have a thread on this forum about programming that I'm about to post in right now.

For Tech, I basically did everything up to Executive Level, except Programming and DBA.  Not sure if you'd be interested in the hardware side.