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Tracking Deal Performance

Started by chitown-2020, October 30, 2018, 06:18:39 PM

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Hi everyone -- its great to find a forum to discuss crowdfunding...  Thanks Sam!

I had a question about tracking deal performance and what metrics others use.   I'm up to 32 deals since I started participating in crowdfunding in 2014.   A few deals have gone full cycle.  Because some of the cash flows and returns are so irregular, I'm interested in getting as clear a picture as possible of my performance.

Some of the things that I track are:

- Projected Earnings vs Actual (Annual, based on proforma)
- Monthly Cash Flow
- Annual Cash Flow
- Assets Underperforming
- Assets Likely to Fail

Things that I think complicated my understanding include: 

- figuring out how the cash flows are taxed, based on what's reported in the Scheudule K's (huge variability from deal to deal)
- several deals have done 'cash out' refinancing
- non-performers that eventually sell at par or for a profit
- ...and so far I've been too lazy to get super precise on the timing of investment / returns during each year

What metrics do you all use?  Has anyone developed any models or tools for tracking?   I've started an excel model, but its pretty basic so far.

Thanks for any input or ideas!