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Looking for Bay Area estate planning lawyer & accountant/tax professional

Started by Cary, January 17, 2019, 02:02:07 PM

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Hi all,

This question is primarily directed at Sam because it was triggered by his article on estate planning, but if anyone else in the Bay Area wants to chime in, I'm all ears!

I'm looking for an estate planning lawyer in San Francisco. Sam, it sounds like you really like yours. Would you mind sharing her contact info in PM?

I'm also looking for a local accountant/tax professional who is experienced with sole proprietors/small businesses and would appreciate any recommendations.

I'm a former Wall Street lawyer turned stay-at-home parent so I'm not plugged into any of the professional networks in SF.

Many thanks in advance!



Here are three estate planners that were recommended to me from a good friend.

Spears & Shelf
Kimberly Spears
Amy Spears
459 Fulton St #104, SF 94102
415 606-1384

Amber Griffiths
One Embarcadero Suite 500 SF 94111
415 845-2500

Deborah Briener
999 5th Avenue San Rafael 94901
415 493-0700

I've worked with Spears & Shelf and was very happy with them. They're really responsive over email which was awesome. To set expectations, they are busy, so don't expect to get everything done in a month. It might take 5-6 months for everything to be done depending on what you want, but is worth it imo.

Good luck!