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Editorial: "How to Debate Finance Without Being a Jerk"

Started by hyperobjeckt, October 30, 2018, 12:50:20 PM

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Just read this from Barry Ritholtz, I enjoyed it & want to share with anyone else who likes to argue about finance on the internet:

I especially like Barry's points about countering facts with predictions, and about explaining your logic in simple terms. One thing my high school debate coach always used to say is that good arguments have "clash", meaning that they are clear and directly impact one another instead of veering off somewhere else.


Thanks for sharing this - I didn't know #fintwit was a thing. Depending on who I'm talking about Finances with, I typically try to guide them to understanding different strategies, then let them make good decisions.

One example: I tried explaining that by increasing 401k contributions, yes your paycheck will change, but not as much as you think due to paying less taxes. I told a friend about this, showed him a calculator, booom higher contributions!


Everybody's financial situation is different. What one does with their money has no affect on what someone else does with their money. Good to learn from others I say!