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Fundrise Opportunity Fund

Started by Cheezus, November 08, 2018, 10:29:00 AM

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Sam, what are your thoughts?  Appears to be tax advantages to this fund - no capital gains from investment returns in opportunity funds.  San Fran is one of the major zones.


All of my friends who have an eight figure net worth or higher are talking about opportunity funds and opportunity zones to defer or not pay taxes.

Did you miss this post?



Thanks for the link, I must not have caught it.  Not sure if you have the most recent info on the fund, but I have it in email if you want it.  They sent it to me today.

What I don't like is the 10 year hold time on the fund.


I've been looking into opportunity zone investments recently as well, but the target zones for this fund worry me. The latest RE numbers coming out of CA show some softening, and a sharp correction seems more likely than the numbers being advertised on the Fundrise oppt. fund site.


I decided against it.  A 10 year hold and you have to rollover capital gains in to the fund to get the tax benefits (according to Fundrise).  Plus the risks of investing in "opportunity zones" READ: "ghetto"...  So kind of limited on what I can even invest in to it to begin with.  Not worth the hassle.  The expected returns are the same as the regular Fundrise funds anyways.