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Becoming Financially Free With Bitcoin

Started by FinanciallyFreeFox, August 27, 2019, 02:55:27 AM

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Everyone has a slightly different method for becoming financially free, based on their personality, skill-sets and appetite for risk.

I haven't come across many other FIRE/financial freedom enthusiasts though that are using Bitcoin to become financially free, so I thought it might be interesting to share what I'm doing.

My plan, simply put is:

Invest a % of my Income into BTC (£100,000 / $120,000) - I have almost completed this step
Wait for that investment to grow by 5-10x
Pull out my profit and invest into residential property
Live off the rental income (passive income will be £100,000 / $120,000 p/a)

That's if it goes according to the plan I've detailed here: 

It would be interesting to hear if anyone is doing anything similar to this, and what peoples' thoughts are.

Some may perceive my plan as extremely reckless.

I know I could potentially lose everything that I invest, but I'm prepared to take that risk, because in my mind the potential reward outweighs the potential risk.

If Bitcoin goes to 0, then it will be a major setback. It won't ruin me, but it will take me two years to save up that money again (saving £50k from my £75k post tax income).

If it pays off, my route to financial freedom will be LIGHT YEARS faster than I could ever expect from property, gold, bonds, or investing in the stock market as a whole.

Although I fully understand the risk involved, I don't see this as a gamble. I truly believe in Bitcoin as a technology. I'm willing to bet on something that I believe will have a positive impact on the world going into the future.

If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. That's it. Start again.

But if I'm right, my life will change.

That's really just a brief summary of my investment strategy (there is actually a bit more to it) - I've created a video, also linked to above, with a clearer explanation here:

It would be interesting to hear if anyone is doing anything similar to this, and what peoples' thoughts are.



Most of the countries not accepted bitcoin transaction. How can market this product all over the world?.


OP - I like your thought process from the standpoint of your understanding the risk/reward scenario.  I tend to agree with what you said and doing something similar just not at as big of a level/exposure as you are.  Good luck to you and thanks for sharing.


Not criticizing your approach, but I'm too risk adverse.  Mutual funds are about my risk tolerance - not even willing to chance it with real estate.

Having said that, bitcoin to me are too much of a gamble.  They may go up a lot, they may go away completely.  At least with tangible assets, there is some underlying value.

Good luck.


I have some bitcoin as well, but it's <2% of my family's net worth. If it does a 5-10x, great! It just turned into 10-15% and we can accelerate our FIRE plans, if it goes to 0, then it's just a bad day in the stock market.