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RealtyShares vs. Fundrise

Started by Tedo, September 16, 2018, 09:43:11 AM

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Wondering of any of you have a recommendation in real estate investing: Realtyshares vs. Fundraise. Fundraise has lower investment minimums; Realtyshares can be more customized. Hoping to get some insights on the returns and quality of these products.

Thank you!



Yes! I really want to see the other side also. I cannot join Realty Shares as Im not accredited. But I still read their deals.


Fundrise is my top platform pick for non-accredited investors. They are super innovative w/ their IPO, e-REITs, and new Opportunity Fund they are launching, which I'm writing about.

Here's my review:



I don't think it's a big deal being out of RealtyShares.  I use them, I like them, but honestly, my returns on Fundrise have been better and it's so much simpler.  Fundrise has been delivering around 10%+ and you just put money in to the fund.  RealtyShares you invest in individual deals that may or may not pan out.  It seems like Fundrise distributes your risk across a heck of a lot more deals due to it being a fund, with more consistent results.  I'm really, really looking forward to RealtyShares doing the same with the new fund Sam has been talking about.  The individual deals approach has not delivered great results for me and it feels too risky being in just a few deals as opposed to the whole portfolio for an individual fund, which diversifies your holdings a lot more.


Great to hear your opinions, thank you.
I recently received info on the Fundrisr IPO; wondering if anyone has thoughts on participating in this for future gains.


Thanks to Sam for the Fundrise article. I was literally about to get started in RealtyShares before the big tank, so have been waiting it out before trying Fundrise. I wasn't impressed with their sales/marketing or their email responses. The more info shared here the better.


What is the pre-money valuation they are asking investors to come in at in this round?