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Summer Internship or Study and Vacation

Started by Nicolas, November 15, 2018, 04:24:29 AM

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I have an interview today with a firm that provides financial services to people for the summer now in December (summer here is from December to March).  The thing is that im in my last year of college already have 2 internships in a supplement company doing some sales and accounting and in a big wire company here in my country as an export manager intern. Never had a financial job before and would like to learn more about the market and investing in different assets which sounds pretty interesting to me. The thing is that in February im taking my final career exam which decides if I graduate or not so Im gonna have to study this whole summer for it, if I do well and take the internship which I think is part-time I would have to balance work with study for my final career examen instead of just focusing in studying 100% which means that I would have to use my time wisely. What are your recommendations on this situation are internships worth taking if I decide in a near future to persue a financial career, do companys give preference to poeple that have more internships and experience than those who donĀ“t have it? or just focus on my career final exam having more time to study and enjoy my last college summer before entering the workforce and having like 2 1/2 weeks a year of vacation.


I definitely look for internships when hiring new graduates. Especially multiple years in a row, it filters out people who might be overwhelmed by a full time job or the social aspects of work. I'm especially impressed when the candidate can show initiative in the position: "I was brought on to do X, but saw they had a need for Y and offered to take that on as well."

Wanting to devote lots of time to study and have a little time off before a many years of work is reasonable. Its roughly what I'd expect. But a student who has the confidence in there intellectual ability (I'm an excellent student, I can pass my final exam while working), and has the drive/passion/whatever to work a lot during college goes above my expectations (and is thus more likely to get a job).

So at some level, it comes down to your goals. If you're in a field with good job prospects you'll be fine without one. But if you've got an ambition to excel/get an elite position/whatever, I'd do another internship.