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New RealtyShares Fund NO LONGER Launching In November, 2018

Started by Sam, October 25, 2018, 08:25:07 AM

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Hi Folks,

Just had lunch with RealtyShares Chief Marketing Officer, and she gave me a heads up their second fund will launch in November. It's going to have a $25K minimum, and be an index like fund of all the RS deals. One K-1 too.

I think this will solve a lot of problems with folks not knowing exactly what or how to invest. I'm excited to learn more and will write a post about it in the near future.




Hi Sam

I'm sure they are targeting non-accredited investors, returns will be around 7 to 8%.

I do not understand why SEC has this stringent requirements on syndicate investing.

I see great deals on Crowdstreet from 18 to 26%, being non-accredited it is very discouraging that I cannot participate in those deals.



Is this a way to compete with Fundrise?

I'd be interested in the RealtyShares fund, and I'm curious if they'll be able to deliver similar returns as Fundrise in the 10% range.


I'm bummed  as this is obviously not happening anymore.  Everybody was caught by surprise when their funding was pulled last minute.

I thing a fund is a great product offering because it's really hard to pick individual deals. Hence why i invested in the DME fund. Fundrise has the better model with their eREITS.