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Do you use a meal/ingredient delivery service that's a hit with your kids?

Started by Sydney, August 14, 2019, 07:30:05 PM

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Hey there! I used Munchery for several years (until I grew so sick of it) and miss the convenience of meal delivery.

I tried GreenChef for a couple months because I was really excited about their use of organic ingredients and supposed pre-chopped ingredients, but just didn't like a lot of the meals and found that there was still a lot of prep and chopping needed. Plus, my son was not a fan of the food, so it just felt like a total waste of money so I cancelled.

I tried Blue Apron 4-5 years ago for a bit until I got bored with their recipes and just wasn't inspired the last time I looked at their website.

What do you use? Do your kids like the meals and how old are they?