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Learning from Presidential candidate tax returns

Started by stevesheets, April 18, 2019, 05:01:21 PM

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I enjoy looking at the Presidential candidate tax return disclosures, hoping to find strategies that the wealthier and politically savvier use.  I saw a couple interesting things, was curious if anyone had any insights on them.

For example - Is there some strategy for generating extra long term tax loss carryforward?  I'm shocked that Beto has almost $1.5mm of tax loss carryforward.  Or is that just run of the mill capital loss from selling stocks below purchase price...

Also, Elizabeth Warren has a large net worth and plenty of investments according to recent disclosures (insert link to Sam's 4/9 post on the topic), but her 2018 filing only has $1,351 in taxable dividend income.  Am I missing some strategy to avoid paying tax on dividends?


 Fascinating stuff! I got a look into that $1.5 million in carryforward losses. That is good planning, but man, how bad of an investor do you have to be or business operator to have that much in losses?