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Dental insurance for traditional retirees?

Started by sfpf, December 08, 2019, 11:51:47 PM

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I've heard a lot about Medicare and health care costs for boomers and such, but don't think I've ever read or heard about how traditional retirees deal with dental costs.

Both of my parents have Medicare plans but no dental insurance whatsoever. As a result, they've both had to shell out $15k+ in dental work in their late 60s/70s for various work like implants, bridge work, filling replacements etc. It's pretty nuts how expensive dental work is without insurance.

Anyone know if it's very common for retirees not to have any dental insurance?

For those of you 60+ with coverage or who have older parents with dental coverage, roughly how much does it cost? Is it all through private agencies?


Interesting subject. We have Delta Dental insurance, and it's something like <$50 a month, not a lot or noticeable. But it only pays for $2,000 at most in dental coverage a year. I'm sure I could pay a higher premium to get higher coverage, especially if I know i need to do a lot of dental work. 

Lots of options out there.




We use only general health insurance for whole family. So, we don't have an idea about health insurance for a particular body part.