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Hot Dogs, Eggs, and Personal Finance

Started by mike_imm, November 02, 2020, 12:21:56 PM

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Let's talk about one of our largest expenses as a human, food. The average American spends $7.56 per day on food. Assuming my audience is composed of average Americans (if not average, then I assume even more frugal), my question is as follows: how the heck are you guys only spending $7.56 per day on food?
   I am a pretty broke college student aiming to spend as little excess money as possible. Whenever I go to the grocery store, I have one goal in mind, the most protein per dollar. I shop at Walmart rather than Whole Foods and I always buy the store brand rather than the name brand. My shopping list consists of the following: chicken breasts, ground turkey, pasta, hot dogs (89 cents for 8), eggs, milk, ham, canned vegetables, peanut butter, beans, and canned tuna. While I definitely eat more than the average human, I only eat two full meals a day (lunch and dinner), almost never go out to eat, and still find myself spending over $7.56 a day on food.
   Assuming that the average human consumes a more diverse and organic diet than me, why am I still spending so much on food? Is it that I consume more than the average person, that I am based out of Honolulu, or am I missing some secret shopping advice that everyone else knows.

Please provide any food shopping advice that you may have below. Thanks!