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Health Insurance for FIRE

Started by Takis, March 02, 2019, 02:31:54 PM

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Hi all,

First of all its a pleasure following this website and everyone's contribution to the forum.

I live in NYC and employed by a corporate which offers excellent health insurance (group). I have a high deductible PPO which I consider a non compromise as I want the flexibly to be able to see any doctor in the United States (specialist). As I look to get ready to leave the industry and early 'retire' in a few years, I see there is a gap in quality health insurance coverage for those that are young (40's). The problem is that I live in NYC and the gov market only offers HMO's. I don't want to work part time in order to join another corporate group plan to have PPO access.

Does any any creative thoughts here on a solution to obtain PPO insurance? i have seen people talk about starting a very small company and contracting a PEO, part time school; can anyone offer first hand experience or ideas outside of needing to moving my residence? 



Have you tried contacting an agent?  I don't know about New York State but in my state we went through an agent who had access to plans that weren't on the government site.



The best way to solve this problem is you can contact your insurance agent. Because he is the only person to know how to solve your problem.