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Started by WengerTodd, January 06, 2020, 08:13:50 PM

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Hey guys, I'm looking to minimize cost and maximize principle repayment. I'm trying to figure out what my payments can / should be... but I'm not really finding any good websites that will tell me what I can expect to pay. I started going through lending tree, and then it said... "Oops! You can't be verified..." I don't know why it needs to verify who I am (or why it failed) to just give me generic information. But I have little patience for those kinds of things, so I'm done with Lending Tree, immediately turned off.

Here's what I'm working with:

Home Value: between $475k to $500k.
Current Mortgage: $242,747
Home Located: South Florida, hot market
Credit Score: Wife and I each have 830+
Current Mortgage Stats: 30 year (in year 4), 4.2% interest, no PMI

Granted, this is no San Francisco home, but I'm not making a San Francisco salary either. Does anyone know of any good calculators that I can use? I'm thinking of going with a 15 year so I can expedite the payments.

Thank you!