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Title: Fighting Burnout With Long-Term Travel On The Way To FIRE
Post by: steevven1 on September 16, 2019, 04:47:57 PM
Not sure how others feel, but my wife and I get burned out after working full-time for even just 2-3 years. We've tried to solve this problem by taking periods of extended travel at a net cost of $0 on the path to FIRE.

Basically, we'll work for 2-3 years (saving hardcore style), then travel somewhere for 6 months or so, working part-time freelance gigs along the way, making just enough that we come back home with the same net worth we left with (or a little higher), and then start the process all over again! So far, we've done it twice and documented all the financials:

Has anyone else had success with a similar method? How do you fight burnout?