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layoff,severance pay from billable staffing company

Started by techsolutions, September 09, 2018, 04:18:55 PM

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I do tech work at client site ,so always at one client ,company product is my time
anyone know how to ask for layoff not  get fired as the company itself always asks client for every decision ,

unlike normal company where they have products ,here my time is billable and thats their product ,so loosing me is loosing revenue

if billable job ,best way to ask for severance pay ,dont know if they will pay anything at all
so far got two one month unpaid leaves and they already know i might leave anytime and not giving me any critical work ,but other busy work

really wonder how so many tech staffing companies get away with employee vs contractor  law ,or may no one cares
as company product is other people time (tech worker) and always work at one  client site ,using client computer,phone but employee of staffing company


Are you a full-time employee at your firm? Every severance discussion starts with a discussion with management, if you are serious. But you need to have been there for a couple years, and be flexible in finding a replacement.



Thanks Sam
yes fulltime about 3 yrs and will be 4 yrs in few months after which i plan to do ask for exit
management know i was looking to switch into non billable recruiter,  type role  in other department at head office ,which did not get much help anyway as most focus is find tech people and put them at client site as billable ,which is what most tech services do

so in few months once i get my side gig some traction will ask to lay off with plenty of time like month or few months to find replacement
as its tech specialized skill might take a month or few months to find replacement
similar other skills in other departments few roles open unfullfiled for 3 months or even longer due to specific specialized skills and yrs experience

Any advice to maximize severance pay ?
if they might give any or nothing or just fire me to avoid paying


That's good you've been there for 3 years. Best advice is to figure out a way to make your transition out a BENEFIT to them. If you are serious, you should read my book. And if you don't find it helpful, then you can have your money back.

I professionally consult with 3-4 people a month regarding there severance for several years now and I have yet to come across a person who didn't learn a couple of new things.

There is a HUGE knowledge whole employees have about their rights!