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How much did you spend on an engangement ring, and why did you spend so much

Started by Irish247, June 18, 2020, 12:50:27 PM

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Just curious, as I read through some of the threads today and landed on the "How much did you spend on your wedding" post again. I got to thinking about all of the spending that goes before the wedding as well.  How much are people putting into engagement rings these days. I remember always hearing the 3 months salary comment, is/was that true for others?

If you did spend that kind of coin, do you think it was well spent, or did you just buy into tradition? 


It depends on the girl, your income and your goals (together goals).
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I haves spend on my engagement ring $350. It's my half month salary.


Well... I spent a $1k for every year that we were dating prior to getting engaged.  Ended up spending $9k