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How US Presidential Election Impact on Stock Market?

Started by SteveGood, November 02, 2020, 04:22:35 AM

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Just a few days more for the US presidential election. How can it impact the Share Market?. If Donald Trump wins the election what happens in the Share Market?
If Joe Biden wins the presidential election what happens in the share market?. How to it affect the investors in the share market and world trading?


The uncertainty which surrounds the outcome of an election, for either candidate, increases volatility and the desire to sell and lock in gains. The outcome of the 2020 election appears to have Joe Biden winning the presidency and the Senate holding a Republican majority which indicates there will be gridlock Washington for at least the next two years. The S&P500 has increased 200 points since its close on November 2 and is climbing.  Gridlock preserves the status quo, and the markets like that.


The democratic party wins the presidential election in the USA. We expected lots of change in the world from trading, investment, and the economy. I think everything goes up in the future.