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I created a ranking system for undervalued stocks!

Started by wzhang18, August 21, 2020, 07:36:51 PM

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I created Sprout Stocks (, a machine-learning-driven ranking system for undervalued stocks! My goal is to make it easier to screen value stocks (such as generating or confirming investment ideas).

I collect and analyze financial data of public companies. The index can be used to compare stocks by sectors, industries in a sector, and subindustries in a sector. Since the website is still new and I need to work on other details of the website, I publish sector/industry/sub-industry reports every two weeks.

Please check out the website if you are interested. Any feedback will be appreciated!

Thank you and hope my work can help you!
An Index of Undervalued Stocks


The website is a side business. Regarding business model, I'm thinking ads revenue and potentially subscription to access the entire list. As you may see, only top 10 stocks are listed. Some people may be interested to know how their portfolios are ranked.

The social media accounts are still in preparation. Once they are established, I'm happy to connect!
An Index of Undervalued Stocks