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Multi-Millions in my 30s-thrilled by success, but paralyzed and need direction

Started by Atlninja, September 16, 2018, 07:03:25 AM

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Don Bateman

You should be sleep well every night. I know with more money and resources comes more worry. That is natural. Keep doing what you are doing.

Money Ronin

Thanks for the update.  I am currently sitting on $800K cash from some property refis.  I am paying 4.1% interest while only earning about 2.5% interest placed in CDs, savings accounts and short-term bond fund.  I'm also waiting for a buying opportunity while losing money.  It's a cost of doing business. 

The difference is though my cash equivalent represents a much smaller portion of my wealth compared to you.  I'm still heavily invested in stocks and real estate, and I am not selling anything. 

You are taking a gamble by being so heavy in cash, just as you would be if you invest it all today at these high prices.  I'd look for buying opportunities of individual stocks or sectors and place some bets because any way you slice it, it's a gamble.  I'd take some action, even small ones, unless you are a master of market timing and patience.

Either way, learn to sleep well because you have more than enough.