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Is Truebill worth it?

Started by sevenplaces, October 01, 2018, 04:52:47 AM

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I generally track investments through Personal Capital and budgets through Mint.  I recently learned of Truebill and am testing it out to keep a running total of income and expenses at a glance.  My question is: is Truebill worth it for the premium service?  The service is $4.95 a month and it takes 40% commission the first year of any savings that it negotiates for you.  The Truebill focus is on subscriptions and recurring payments.

Has anyone used it for any length of time, the premium service, and did you find it was worth the cost?  One ad from them says it can cost "as little as $3 a month."
Thanks in advance for your reply.


If you take the time and negotiate with your cable bill and wireless bill, can you get the same rate without truebill? I think so, just need to have the time, energy and willingness to stay on with customer service for hours...


Pretty cool service. Doesn't hurt to try at only $4.95/month. Easy to calculate the costs benefits after a year.