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Started by Jbinjville, February 07, 2020, 01:46:29 PM

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Does anybody have experience with Motley Fool? A couple of months ago i gave them $99 for a years gig and got a stock recommendation that i put $3K in and it's up over 50% already. So they came up with another gimmick for investing for the new decade, the 2020's, they call it the "cloud disruptors" but it cost about $1,300. Their goal is to invest X dollars in quite a few stocks and hold them for about 10 years and get 7X earnings. They say they have a track record. I was wondering if anybody has experience with Motley Fool and if so do they like them. I like them so for. Since i had the paper profit already of over $1,300 on their single recommendation i signed up for the program. My current plan is to set aside $150K to invest in something like 80 recommendations over the next 2 years. Some of the recommendations may be the same company just at a different time. Over the last 2 weeks they provided 12 stocks to buy so i put $1,800 in each one.  I know most of the companies and have even owned some of the stocks in the past. i like this idea of theirs. My own stock picking over 4 decades has a lot of room for improvement so i'm happy to follow along. i may even allocate another $100K but i'd like some positive references on Motley Fool first. Has anyone paid for and taken their stock selection before and if so, how'd it go for you? They have a cool saying "80% of the returns will be from 20% of the stocks".  Thanks and good luck trading in the 20's.


Not Motley Fool, but another similar one called Risk Hedge (Stephen McBride).  Been noticing a lot more of these 'disruptor' investment advisers recently, it's like the new buzzword.  What you describe is almost identical (initial low cost for the 'general' picks, and a $3k upsell to the REAL disruptors), I'm curious if it might be all the same between MF and RH just branded differently.  RH sends out a monthly email, in which they select a new company set to 'disrupt' an industry, and boy do they sell it well.  Makes me want to invest in every single one.  They do continually track the progress of each pick, so they're very transparent about hits and misses.

I'm open to compare notes with you offline to see if they're picking the same 'disruptors', a lot of the reports from MF and RH seem to share the same wording.


Hey beerg8ggles.  i had not heard of Risk Hedge before this so of course i looked at their stuff. there definitely is some similarities. I know what you mean when you say you want to invest in every single one. I have committed quite a bit of money (for me anyway) to the MF's recommendation over the next 2 years. i've got right at 1/4 Million for two separate gigs they have going. i described the previous $150K w $1,800 per recommendation, the other one is only $100K for some unknown amount of recommendations,  I'm only putting in $1K per stock on that one. if diversification is a good thing then i should be sitting pretty. plus i have the crowd funding that i've mentioned on this site previously, i did buy into another property on that as well.  If i compare the rate of return on MF and my crowd funding, the goal of MF is around 21% annual rate and the crowd funding is closer to 15%. Of course nothing is guaranteed.   I have to say that the MF stuff is really fun and the timing has been just right so i'm seeing great results already. i'm up over 5% in less than a month on the Cloud Disruptors , and the first single  recommendation that i bought into just went up about 40 bucks a share today. i'm up over $2K on that in less than 2 months on a $3,170 investment. If it were my own pick i'd probably be down that much.

I'd love to compare notes as you proposed but i had to agree to T & C and per those i can't. i know it's goofy but i did agree and it's important to me to try to keep agreements. good luck with the Risk Hedge and i will follow them.


I have been reading The Motley Fool since the 1990's. I think they will not steer any investor seriously wrong. I subscribed to their highest membership level for 10 years which gave me access to all their advice and newsletters. That was overkill. TMF has since shuttered their Pro portfolio service which I used the most, and after that I let my subscription lapse. I now subscribe to the Stock Advisor service only. I think $99 is worth the cost, backing out that cost at a 1% investment fee implies the portfolio would be ~$10k. I also use Seeking Alpha for stock ideas which is free, but TMF does not require me slogging through loads of conflicting opinions like SA.

David Gardner has had a few misses and jumps on investing trends. I remember his hype surrounding 3D printing stocks that have basically gone nowhere. But hype and trends are part of the investment cycle, and I embrace it. I also recommend their options service if that is something which interests you.


Hi all, just a quick interesting update on The Motley Fool.  I invested $143,00 (so far) in about 50 stocks recommended by TMF, most of that in February and some in early March prior to the big crash, awful timing but the point of this post is that my current value is $153,00 up just over 7%. Pretty respectable considering, so a thumbs up to TMF overall, but i am getting more selective on individuals at TMF that  i listen to. Some of these stocks are winners and some are losers.


I'll give another update if anybody is interested. i bought into more MF services for more stock pics and invested $226,000 split between five (5) of their services that combined cost me $3,800 for about 70 stock picks. Combined at this time they are up $74,600.  As we know stocks go up, stocks come down, but this is pretty impressive for MF.  I just bought into another service they offered a couple of weeks ago but it's too soon to tell how it's doing. It's the 6th service i'm into now.


Ok, another update. as of close of the markets today the MF stocks are doing great. i've added to my portfolio over the last few months.  I'm out of pocket $328,382 on stocks, not counting MF costs. Current value of the MF portfolio is $472,955 with the MF costs at $11,471. So needless to say i love MF.  up 41% after expenses, 44% B4. Of course today was a big up day and the market will go down but i'm holding these for the long term. good luck in the market.


It seems like there is a lot of interest in MF  so i'll give anther quick update. i've only added a little position bringing my stock purchase cost up to $330,284 in the MF picks with a current value of $509,138 for an after expense PM of 51%.  MF is going to provide some new picks after year end and i've got $50K budgeted for them so I'll  update again in a few months. Good luck in your investing everybody.


Well it's been a year since i jumped in deep into Motley Fool with my investment in Cloud Disruptors so i'll give another update.  My total investment in the Cloud Disruptor currently is $69,261 with a current value of $118,968, up almost 72% in a year.  All together i have $330K invested at different times last year in several MF portfolios, combined they're up just over 77% for a paper profit of $256K far exceeding my expectations.  The cool thing is that 70% of the profit is in Roth IRA's.   I hope my posts on this subject have helped other investors in this Forum.


Can you please reach out to my email, I am about to buy the MF subscription and would like to talk with you on how you used it so successfully. I appreciate your time!


Bob Herczeg