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Picking up REITS on the cheap?

Started by James, March 23, 2020, 04:19:49 PM

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Newbie here looking to capitalize on recent market trends to pick up some REITS (WPC, O) and maybe NOBL on the cheap.  Looks like YTD WPC is down just under 40%, even though they recently announced an increase in their dividend payments.  Only rub is that these would be in a taxable account (M1), so not exactly tax optimized.  Any thoughts on these REITS?  Thanks!


Mortgage REITs were incredibly cheap, now not as cheap but still good values to be found. Many of these names are getting backstopped by helicopter money so the risk is easing. The preferred shares were crazy bargains at the end of March now headed towards par value. WPC O NLY AGNC PCI HPI JPS  I own