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OTC stocks - why are you not in them?

Started by Irish247, June 18, 2020, 01:06:14 PM

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Curious on the thoughts about OTC stocks. I know they are a bit lower tier and have some image problems, but some are profitable and some do transcend into the exhange. Why do people not get more involved in them? Low entry fee, huge upswing potential. I almost think they would be a natural starting point for people interested in day trading, and learning about market trends on a micro scale. Sure there are always risks with pump and dump schemes, and market inflation by the sharks, but still a fun game to play. 

Are people not into them at all because of fear, or lack of knowledge?  Why would you not get into them?

I recently took a shot on an interesting small cap stock in the energy market and put in some small dollars a couple months ago. I have so far cashed out twice and now i'm looking at a triple return on the value. Granted the stock hit a peak at one point, and I was lucky to be watching and sold my shares at the top, within three hours it was back down to a low value and I bought back triple the quantity with "house money". Since that reup, the stock has gone up significantly, and my current value if sold today would be a triple return on the investment. I happen to have alot of faith in this company and i'm planning to ride it out for awhile to see where it goes.  You never know where the next big dog is coming from, as lots of the powerhouses of today started in garages and such.

So considering i'm just playing around here, i'm wondering why more people don't test the day trading water out on OTC. Perhaps people do and I just wasn't aware of it...